Links and bullets don’t play nicely together

I’m not sure if it happens other times, but regularly when I include URLs in a bullet point, the link spreads to the rest of the page until it reaches the last bullet point. It doesn’t matter if I start a line with text or not. If I use Remove Link, it’s only temporary if I modify the page.
But yes, it doesn’t always happen, even on the same page. I’m not sure what conditions are different.

I don’t think I’ve seen this, but I’m not 100% from your explanation what I’m looking for.

Next time it happens, can you please post a screenshot? Thanks.


I would also pay mind to whether it happens in older binder items, or if that doesn’t seem to matter. If you see it happen, you can check that in the General Metadata area of the inspector, where the creation date will be printed.

There were some bugs in the initial release of v3, and I believe for a minor point build or two after, where some kinds of formatting like links could invisibly spread throughout the document and become very difficult/impossible to get rid of. The bugs that caused that to happen should all be gone, but given how they worked, in some cases documents impacted by them would go on showing that behaviour and would probably need to be replaced with a Paste and Match Style restructuring of the formatting, into a fresh new binder item.

I didn’t want use my own data, but here’s what I get. The hyperlink is whatever the triggering link is. The non-bulleted link works

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Nope, not just older binder items. I created a new document today and that’s where it happened. I did copy and paste in the url, but I did it from the address bar and that’s usually copied in plain text

Okay, yeah pasting HTML can sometimes lead to weirdness as well, so it is better to copy from the address bar as you are.

I don’t see this problem myself though, and am not sure if I need to be doing anything else other than making the text look exactly like that. Should I be reloading the project? Clicking on something somewhere?

Ah ha!
Click list. Some text, paste in the URL.
Do that at least one more time
Press enter to get a new line. Press enter again the exit the list. Voila!

No, update!
It either has to be

  • Some text [url]
  • Some more text [url] final text

Then press enter twice


  • Some text [url]
  • Some more text [url]
  • final text

Then press enter twice

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This also happens if I press backspace on the empty new line or click List again (to exit list)

Yes, with these instructions, I was able to easily reproduce the issue.

Before pressing enter twice:

After pressing enter twice:

ETA: The bug also occurs if I use Edit > Add Link to enter the URLs. (I was hoping that would be a satisfactory workaround, but in this scenario, it is not.)

Thanks @onward_to_three for providing such clear steps.



Thanks! I can see it now and will get it written up.

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