Linux 1.9.01 Beta Released

That’s just not an accurate or fair stereotype. Are there some people who still think all software should be free? Of course there are, and they use Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and BSD. It has nothing to do with their operating system.

Well, I for one have two licenses…

Same. I’ve got a Windows one and a Mac one somewhere. And Scapple. I love that program so very much.

What does everybody think of crowd funding for further Linux distributions? No funding, no release. Free distributions to donations over $???. Rest of world has to pay a licence fee. Note: I have no idea how crowd funding works in practice, but just throw it out for discussion.

It’s important to note that not everyone’s opinions on this subject are created equal. The key opinion is KB’s, and they made it pretty clear they’re not intending to revisit the subject of a Linux version anytime soon. 1.9.01 is a goodwill gift to the Linux community intended to get the small number (relatively speaking) of Linux users up to the same file format as everyone else. IIRC, they specifically said they aren’t looking into crowdfunding options.

So glad to see this. I just went and bought the Windows version, even though I hardly use my windows machine, to show my gratitude.

Sincerely, thank you.

I don’t suppose we could ask for much more… but we’re thankful for what you’ve done so far.

Sorry to run in late on this, but philjaq, if you’re having trouble downloading the French dictionaries from within Scrivener, you can download and install them manually following the directions in this article.

Thanks to everyone for your great support for Scrivener, both the generous licence purchases and your continued enthusiasm. :slight_smile: We appreciate it!

Sad to see Scrivener for Linux die. I have a lot of problems with Windows version under Wine. Duplicate command creates blank files, labels don’t always work, copy and paste problems. Very sad. Maybe I can afford a mac next time and come back to scrivener. Until then, does anyone know an alternative that actually works well on Linux?

We are all sad, I think. Personally I now do use Scrivener Windows with PlayOnLinux on Linux Mint 17.3. And I must say, that although the Linux version runs a bit smoother, I have no major problems, none of the issues you seem to experience.

However if you cannot live with a non-Linux program, then maybe you should give Writer’s Café a try ( It is from the guy (Julian Smart) and company (Anthemion) who make Jutoh. Everything is a bit simpler but basically you can do the same things as with Scrivener. The Storyline corkboard is even better. However managing your research material is not as elegant as in Scrivener as well as the look & feel.If you give it a try and decide to buy it then ask Julian for sending you the version 2.40.2, which for whatever reason is not on the website and which he made for me to fix some bugs I reported in January.

Did I mention how much I appreciate that L&L even released a Linux version? I do.

Most companies don’t have the… um… guts to even bother with it.

So, thanks again. You’ve earned my respect, and I will be buying the Windows version in the future, as I won’t be able to pay for a Linux version. It’s the least I could do.

A modest suggestion: if Scrivener for Linux isn’t doing it for you, and Scrivener for Windows running under Wine isn’t satisfactory, for whatever reason, then it’s possible to make what I’ve found to be a nice accommodation: for field and home use, I’ve found the kid-tested Lenovo X130e* notebook computer to be an ideal field-rugged unit with a full-size keyboard that’s a touch-typist’s dream. Get a good one, used, and install Scrivener and Scapple and MarkdownPad for full-screen rough drafting in markdown … and air-gap it.** Use it for a dedicated writing and editing machine. Write out the work to a thumb drive and hit the net with an armored machine of choice.

I got mine in pristine condition for $53 (plus $27 shipping; east coast to west coast delivery.)
Scrivener for Windows was half-price thanks to L&L’s excellent nanowrimo reward program.

*Lenovo X130e: fourth-generation battle-hardened ‘netbook’ for K-12 classroom use. Tough!
**air-gap=>Do not touch the internet with your magic writing tool. There be dragons.

I’m having problems downloading the German dictionary directly from within the application; it always fails. So I downloaded it from the provided link but the directions only explain how to manually install it on a Windows machine.

I can’t figure out where to put it under a Linux (Mint 17) installation.

Any hint/help is much appreciated. Thanks.

I’m using Linux Mint too (17.3) and my files are here:

Hi all,

I know Linux is no longer supported. I just started using Scrivener once again for a couple of projects. I already own the Windows version and keep my files on Dropbox. I would like to use both Linux and Windows sharing my files on Dropbox. Are there any compatibility issues with doing something like this. I hope someone is taking a look at this forum…or I might find my answer the hard way :wink: Thanks for the product!

I’ve found the Linux and Windows scrivx project files to be compatible, no problems. It helps that the Linux version was compiled from the Windows source files.

Hi, I just wanted to say that Scrivener is brilliant, I’m so glad there is a version for Linux and that you’re letting it out for free! Thank you on all counts :smiley:

Of COURSE, in spite of Lee saying they’re done… Someone had to ask about the latest Windows incremental update. Specifically the folder sync option! I broke down and bought an Acer Cloudbook for the battery life and overall portability, but it’s just downright PAINFUL watching Windows10 try to run on it! I even shopped for a refurbished 64gig version, but with 2gig of ram and MS bloat, it micro-freezes constantly trying to limp through a task. Time for a Mint break.
Is there any chance, outside chance, even a teeny one, maybe a little, of seeing a recompile?

Well, I do use the Mac and Windows and iOS versions, but I also use Linux from time to time and I do like having a
version of it on there as well. I think that it is a good thing, since Linux is very rarely supported by commercial software.
Thank you for the release I use it every time I’m running Linux. Which is quite a lot.

I do have one question though, do you think that you could make an android version of the software as well, That would be cool to see.