List of outstanding bugs?

Is there a link to a list of outstanding bugs?

Besides looking thru the beta forum, I think this is all that’s available: [url]]

Thanks but as I’m sure you know, that mainly lists the fixed bugs with a brief mention of known issues. L & L no doubt have a running list.

I’m sure they do. :slight_smile:

We do. :wink: We have an internal bug-tracking system; there are no plans to try to transform it into a publicly viewable list. If you don’t see a bug you’ve encountered reported in the forum or listed in the beta announcement post, please go ahead and post it.

Jennifer, the reason I asked about an outstanding bugs list is I found what I believe to be a bug ([url][LH1865|LH1866|LH846] Auto-complete only partly works in script mode]). I originally posted it in the Windows Bug Hunt sub-forum before realizing some days later it should be in the Beta Testing (Windows) forum. Anyway, between the two forums I had about a hundred views and no replies. So I wondered if the reason for that was it was a known bug which is why I wanted to check the outstanding bugs list. Except there wasn’t such a list. I have seen some posts where the OP is not sure whether the bug is covered by an existing bug report.

As each bug is publicly reported, I didn’t think there would be any confidentiality about a list, but I accept there could be other reasons for not publishing same.

Anyway, the Windows version is progressing well and I very much look forward to the finished product. Scrivener has no real competition IMHO.