MacOS 12.3, dropbox and Scrivener

Hi, it’s time to update to MacOS 12.3, do you think it’s better to wait and see if there are any issues in syncing with dropbox? I wonder in particular because I had many problems with OneDrive (not related to Scrivener). Thank you.

Unless you have a compelling reason to ignore your misgivings about upgrading, probably best to wait.

That being said, I am upgrading right now and I have no compelling reason to do so. Just doing it. :wink:

The official word on Mac OS 12.3 from Dropbox support is here:

The known issues seem to be around handling of online-only files, which at least for Scrivener we don’t recommend using in the first place.

Don’t take my word for it as you have to make your own decisions … but I’ve updated two machines and I don’t notice any Dropbox issues (nor with any other applications). As I mentioned I had no compelling reason to upgrade–just did it. The upgrade process took a little while so leave time.

My experiences of trying to sync scrivener files between my Mac M1 MacBook AIr and my desktop after upgrading both machines to 12.3 are inconsistent. The sync settings in Dropbox on both devices are set to “available offline.” I can shut down Scrivener on my desktop after making changes to a couple of files, wait a few minutes to start Scrivener on the laptop and the simple changes I made on the desktop never make their way over to the laptop. I have spent some time going back and forth between machines with very little success.

Have you confirmed that Dropbox is working (or not working) with folders outside of Scrivener folder?

My hunch this has little nor nothing to do with Scrivener. Scrivener just puts files into the local Dropbox folder and Dropbox folder handles the rest (basically).

Niggling in the back of my mind is issues of Dropbox on the new M1’s, but best you check out the Dropbox support forums for details on that. I don’t have an M1. Someone else here may know more.

Edit: also are you sure the Dropbox app is running all the time on both machines (remember Scrivener does not do the sync)?

Thank you for your answers. Better to wait.

I’ll check on the Dropbox site to see if I can find anything specific to the M1. Sync works fine on my iPad and iPhone, so I suspect the issue may be with Dropbox and the M1. I will also check to verify that Dropbox is running on both machines. Thanks!

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There have been a few cases where Mac OS updates silently disabled startup items, including the Dropbox software. So that would definitely be the first thing I would check.

One easy test is to create an ordinary text file in the Dropbox folder, and then use a browser to confirm that it appears in your account at in due course.

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Ordinary text file creation on Dropbox works fine. It appears that Dropbox officially began supporting the M1 at the beginning of March. Since checking this, I created several new files in my Scrivener project on the desktop, and then saved the project file, and then shut down Scrivener on the desktop. I waited a bit, and then opened up Scrivener and the project on my M1. I searched for the newly created document files on the M1 and found them. However, each document only contained the title. The content was blank in each of the newly created documents. When I have more time to spare, I may attempt to trouble shoot this situation further, but as it stands right now, I cannot get the two platforms to sync. If I create new files on the desktop, the only part of the document file that syncs is the title. I found this behavior to be repeatable.

i do not have the Dropbox app at hand (nor an M1) to check how to do this but can you check that the Scrivener folder is set for offline access. the files must be local and on server.

That indicates that Dropbox is syncing the top level .scrivx file, used to build the Binder, but not the component subfolders and documents with the actual text.

This is most likely a Dropbox issue.

I just checked. Yes. “New files default” is set to “available offline.”

what about “not new” files? all Scrivener files must be on the local drive.

did you try what @kewms suggested?

Dropbox always supported the M1, but isn’t written in native M1 code, so it’s slower than it could be.

Using Smart Sync will never be smart. Turn it off.

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The article needs a date. When will this happen? Did it happen already? When?

The preview says it’s a beta, but the page says otherwise.

don’t know. those who have M1 and Dropbox can research further i guess.

No need. It’s working fine, here.

There is no smart sync option showing on my version of Dropbox.