I recently got an email from Mailchimp (one of their “how to grow your business” type of emails) in which Milanote was mentioned as one of the tools used by one of their example businesses.

I looked it over, it looked interesting but I could not figure out what I would use it for (yet) but maybe it could be useful to others.

It is web based.

Looks like a web-based version of Curio:

I’ve used Curio a little bit. It doesn’t seem to fit the way I work, but some writers love it the way some writers love Scrivener. (And there’s some overlap between the two groups.)


I’ve looked a Curio for years. I really like it, conceptually, but I just can’t ser how it would be of any use to me. I don’t work like that at all.

Curio looks more interesting especially since it is not web based. I may give it a spin and see if it fits into my work flow. I will explore how others use it and see if it sparks any ideas.

I love Curio and use it for every single project I do, from writing scripts to planning a birthday party.

In every screenplay project, I embed a Scrivener document as part of building the project.

I know what you mean, all the bells and whistles look great but how to make it useful that is the problem. I have to see some real world examples. That might ignite my imagination and I can figure out what to do with it.

Are there any real world examples of how people use it?

I’ve used it as sort of an image-oriented version of Scapple, for collecting and arranging images relevant to a project. I’ve done almost nothing with its planning and notetaking features, though, both of which fit more comfortably in Scrivener for me.


I use Notability as my general brainstorming/planning/“mindmapping” app. I have always liked to use paper and pencil to sketch my ideas, and with the iPad and Apple pencil I can re-arrange stuff in all sorts of ways. If there had been an iOS version of Scapple I would probably use Scapple a lot more, but until then Notability will remain my general work-horse besides Scrivener.

Check the Zengobi user forum. There are quite a few examples from teachers, scientists, deisgners, etc as they discuss their issues.

Thank you.