Mojave / Scrivener 3.1 crash on startup

And finally, after nearly three weeks, 3.1.1 is available on the App Store!

Ah ha! So that’s what’s going on! My app has sat “In Review” for 10 days. Today, I requested an expedite and received a note saying roughly, "Your app is in review . . . we’ll get to it . . . " That’s two weeks since initial submission.



P.S. Congrats on making it through the gauntlet. :slight_smile:

So it’s not just me who’s been waiting an age, then? Something must have gone wrong with their systems recently…

I upgraded from Mojave to Catalina a few days ago and am now unable to launch Scrivener because of the same crash on startup as reported in this thread. I have reinstalled Scrivener, but to no avail. Is there really no solution apart from deleting the preferences file?

You need to upgrade to Scrivener 3.1.5 for Catalina compatibility.

If that doesn’t help then yes, clearing Preferences files is the next troubleshooting step.


I have deleted the Preferences file, and Scrivener now launches. But when I enter my license details and click on Activate License, Scrivener again crashes. What might be the next step in trying to solve this issue?

Open a support ticket, and include a copy of the crash report.