Multiple Indents Removed When Compiling to EPUB

So in my current novel, I have text message conversations. I do this by indenting with tabs. Like this:

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When I compile to PDF and Word, it shows up just fine. But when I compile to EPUB, it comes out like this:

I’ve tried to preserve formatting, told it to compile as it’s shown in editor, and a few other things that I don’t remember at this point.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Yes, the solution is to use real indentation.
Create a style for those specific passages/paragraphs that require them indents.

An epub doesn’t recognize TAB as a valid character.

My answer is pretty generic, else I could recompose the user manual.
If you have questions, don’t hesitate, ask away. Styles – Why? What for? etc.

There are also other threads with the same question on the forum. You may want to search for those, likely you’d find many – if not all – of the answers you need.

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So I did as you suggested, and made styles for them as you suggested, but now there’s a different problem. On the PDF, the indent is like this:

And on the EPUB, it’s like this:

Which one is wrong ?
Are both wrong ?

Did you put a style everywhere ? (You shouldn’t)
Do you actually want indents everywhere ? – Text messages with a bigger one ? Or just the text messages ?

Please show the left edge of the page on future screenshots.
(I’ll ask a moderator to allow you to post screenshots directly, if future ones are needed. @AmberV )

No, I only put styles on those segments. Now the EPUB shows correctly with indents, but the PDF and Word docs show up wrong now.

It’s like indents can’t be the same for both or something. I don’t get it.

I wonder if some of this might be chalked up to observing issues caused by this bug. If so, if it is a doubling of indents you are getting in ebooks when making it look right in PDF, then try to aim for getting the PDF right, and use the workaround given in that thread for ebooks.