My Windows Beta 3 expired aug 15,

can’t find latest version.
Does anyone know where the latest update is? Or are no downloads available?
And if so, will there be another one? The lack of communication on this project is frustrating. Now I’m regretting writing in Beta 3, though I mostly pasted into v.1.9, I’m a couple days not backed upo…and now I can’t access my beta 3 writing files.

Maybe the dev. crew has gone to Bali permanently. Wish there were more conscientious updates so we’d know where we’re at.

Um. In the Beta Testing forum, right under NEW TOPIC, as shown here:

Before the current Beta expires, a new Beta will show up there. Usually a day or three before.

FYI, that’s at this link: Latest Beta Release, and there are FOUR pieces of software listed (two in 64-bit, both normal and HiDPI; and two in 32-bit, both normal and HiDPI). The HiDPI versions are found a ways down, above the images and below the bugfix list.

And, also, L&L has yet to miss one of these. Sometimes it’s been hours to deadline (I think that happened twice?) when a new one was released, but they’ve not missed one yet.

And—perhaps I’m wrong—I believe it only checks the expiration at startup, so when the date gets too close, if you don’t shut it down or restart your computer, you should be able to keep using it until you can check the forum and see a new version is there.

Not to say that you shouldn’t be using the latest and—experience has shown—greatest! :wink: