NaNoWriMo template?

I saw a reference somewhere to a NaNoWriMo template, but the links to it are inactive.

Is there a NaNoWriMo template? If so, how does it differ from the standard novel template?


For a quick start, I’d recommend: … scrivener/

Apart from that - if it’s your first novel, it really doesn’t matter how you start. Every writer is unique. You need to write two or three novels to hone your own approach. If you’ve figured out what your own approach is (and the only way you can do that is by writing), you will end up with your very own template anyway.

Starting to work with templates based on methods you’ve never worked with, shifts the focus away from the writing and towards the method; you will first need to understand the method and become ready to apply it. This is time you could have spent on actually writing something.

My personal experience is – too much fiddling around with templates equals procrastination. Using the default template, and then adjust it little by little to your own needs, will probably work best.


Thanks, but that was not terribly responsive. All I want to know is if a NaNoWriMo Scrivener template still exists and how it differs from the standard novel template.

The up to date templates are available from the usual NaNo page. If you scroll to the end of the page, you’ll find the template files you need and instructions on how to install them.

As to the differences, there is a help file in them that will explain that. It’s not much though, stuff like setting a 50,000 word goal for you and so forth. If you’ve already started with the Novel template then I wouldn’t worry about it.

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Hi all

From this url:

The link for the Mac template is not working? …

It’s working fine for me, are you having issues downloading from Amazon in general (the Windows template as well as the demo versions of the software themselves will all be using our S3 mirror)? If so that sometimes happens, give it a few hours or a day and it should clear up. Let me know if you’re looking to use it though, I’ll send you a copy.

Now is working :sunglasses:

Okay, so I just downloaded the template and imported my words for the day. I think I shall be writing in FocusWriter (cuz of the timer, mostly) and importing to Scrivener at the end of each day. Thanks to the team for the wonderful template!

You’re welcome, and good luck!

May I ask, do I have to pay for the NaNoWriMo template if I already have Scrivener 3? If yes, how much is it for please? I downloaded the file from this (the bottom part of the post) and I got a .dmg file that request to replace my existing Scrivener program when I run it.

Would appreciate some clarification on this, please.

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No, you do not have to pay to download the template. It looks you like downloaded the Nano-specific trial version (the .dmg is a disk image file).

There should be another link there to download a .zip file that is just the template.

Thank you so much for the clarification! Found it on someone’s blog and managed to download and import the template into my Scrivener. If you’re doing NaNo, good luck! And thanks again. :slight_smile:

The template link doesn’t work. Where can I download the nanowrimo template now?

We haven’t yet posted this year’s templates and demo editions. Keep an eye out for this page going live, which it should do shortly after the 15th.

Meanwhile, don’t let the lack of a template hold you back. I suggest starting a “Blank” project, and start building up your notes and background materials in that. When everything is ready to go, you can just open both that and the template created project together, and drag and drop the stuff over to the new binder.

Hi there!

Is there an official Nanowrimo template for Scrivener 3 for Windows?

I’m lazy and don’t want to set everything up myself. I had the template in the previous Win version and it was awesome! Would really like to get a similar template from the L&L tam again, if possible.

All the links pointing to the template and the Nano trial version seem to be broken…


Not sure what a NaNoWriMo template includes, but… here is another alternative. Explains how to set up Scrivener if you want to write a story with multiple story arcs / POV’s.

Free Scrivener template in linked FaceBook group… Word count is set to 80.000 words, but can easily be changed.

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