Narrator voice

I did a search on this topic but the results not what I needed.

I am running windows 10.

Is it possible to change the narrator voice in the speech function? The robot lady currently is lackluster and not helping find problems in my project with word flow and sounds. I find it helpful to hear my story read to me, but this lady reads a question just like a statement, just no infliction at all, and not useful.

Is there a third party plug in with a more realistic tone? Is the narrator in Scrivener a windows thing or unique to the software?

Thanks for any ideas or help.

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From section A.3 in the user manual (emphasis added):

Speech ▸ Access to Windows’ built-in text-to-speech synthesis is provided through two menu controls for starting and stopping speech. The active text editor will be used as source text with these commands starting with the cursor and reading downward, or if text is selected, only the selection will be read aloud.
Settings pertaining to this feature, such as which voice to use and how rapidly it should speak, can be changed with the Edit ▸ Speech ▸ Settings… command.

The Windows settings for the speech module(s) can be found under Settings / Time & Language / Speech.

This explains how to edit the Registry to make other voices visible for Scrivener:

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