[NB] Download Link to Scrivener 3 for Windows (beta) ?

My apologies if this is somewhere right in front of my face, but where can I get the download for the Windows Beta 3?

Thank you.

I’m looking for it as well …

F5 F5 F5. :smiley:

Download Link to Scrivener 3 for Windows (beta)

The title of this post isn’t the best…would you mind changing it to one with a question mark? :smiley:

Cheers – Jerome

Update: thanks for fixing!

Me too!

Question so I can get the correct prefix set up and ready, is Windows 3.0 64-bit, as well?

I imagine it will be coming soon - the official twitter account has yet to make an announcement that 3.0 for OS X is available for purchase yet, and the blog hasn’t been updated either (I imagine a rather big, celebratory post is in order!!). The website is live, but there may still be a few things the team is focusing on.

yeah, great idea to change the title! I thought it was already there - just to be disappointed … :open_mouth:

by the way, “quote” seems not to work. It says “Your message contains too few characters.”

The site has only just gone live, and we’re still working through everything. We haven’t even sent out official announcements and notifications for the macOS version yet. The Windows beta will be up soon.

Thank you, Keith. Sending some positive energy for the team while everything gets set up and sent out <3

Woohoo! Good to hear! :slight_smile:

Awww. Thank you :smiley:

Sorry for the lack of question mark - fixed! That would drive me nuts, too. :laughing:

Just adding my voice to the queue of those trembling with excitement for the beta. :slight_smile: I do a lot of informal training and support for the Windows version of Scrivener, and I really want to get a heads-up.

Doing tech support is how I procrastinate writing. :stuck_out_tongue: :blush: 8)

The hype is real! F5 F5 F5!

Anyone else having a problem with it hanging? StaceyUK said she had to run as Administrator, then it worked. So I’m about 75% sure there’s an issue not on my end. I can install, click through the beta expiry window, and then it hangs.

I’m not getting anything useful in the console spew, but am compiling stock wine just to see if staging was the issue.

Where’s the download link? Posts above seem to include links, but they’re not clickable. I’ve spent 30 minutes looking for a way to download it (and paid for the Windows version) with no luck.

There is a post in the Announcements section of the Windows Beta Forum with details on the beta release and a link to download it.