Need help locating settings for page numbers

Hi, I’ve been at this for hours and I can’t figure out how to get to the option to adjust the settings of starting my page count (page one) after the front matter. I’ve Googled, YouTube, etc this dilemma and I just can’t find the simple answer of how to adjust this setting. In my “compile” set up in the “page settings” tab, there isn’t an option to start my page count after the front matter. Everything I attempt just always ends up starting page one after the legit page one, which is my copyright page. Then I have the dedication page, and it keeps starting the page count here. I want it to obviously start counting the pages on page one of Chapter One.

I have everything where I need it, I just can’t figure out how to start my header and page count after the front matter. Thank you to anyone who can help me with this!

You’ve posted in Scrivener Technical Support for Windows, which deals only with the current production version of Scrivener Windows (1.9.7). You’ve also posted in Scapple Beta for Windows (a completely different app.) But from your post in that forum, you’re using Scrivener Beta for Windows. The Scrivener beta forum for Windows is

I don’t work on Windows at all, but I am familiar with Scrivener in general. This sort of setting is to be found deep in the Compile dialog. According to the Known Issues list in the latest Windows beta release notes, ([url]]), Compile is not yet fully implemented, so even if the interface for starting page numbering after front matter is shown, it may not yet be connected to actual code that does anything.

You said you have Scrivener 3 for Windows, but Scrivener 3 for Windows, strictly speaking, is not available. The latest Beta for Windows is The latest production (available for purchase) version of Scrivener for Windows is 1.9.7. May I ask, what is the exact version of your Scrivener software?

Thank you so much for responding to my post! I guess as you can see by my mistake of posting in different forums and misstating the version I have, I am very new to Scrivener. I just assumed I had version 3 as all the research I was doing to figure out my answer I only saw stuff related to Scrivener 2 and none of the steps it was stating to do was items I had available. Honestly, now, I’m not certain what version I have. I just purchased it (for Windows) two months ago. I looked at my receipt and it doesn’t state my version.

Everything I kept finding to resolve my page number issue was showing me a tab that had page settings and then there was things you could do for headers and footers. I don’t have that option. In my compile, my page settings is quite generic actually. It just has an option of what I can say in my header and footer and if I want to start that on page 1. There isn’t even a “Project Settings” option in my drop down menu for “Projects”. That was really throwing me off too.

Thanks again!

Just FYI, if you go to Help | About Scrivener, it will show you the version number. This is true of all Windows programs.

Thank you so much for that little tip! I have Version: Much appreciated! That’s so helpful for me to know now moving forward trying to figure things out.

Glad to help.

@jbauthor, you’re welcome!

Now that we’re clear on version :smiley: , I can provide a bit of background.

Scrivener 2.x has only ever existed on the Mac, so anything you find about it on the Web probably won’t help. Windows Scrivener is 5 or 6 years younger, and never had a version 2. It’s going straight from version 1.9.7 to version 3 and feature parity with Mac.

The good news is that since you bought while the public Windows Scrivener Beta is available, you’ll get a free upgrade to v. 3 when it’s released. The bad news is that a number of features aren’t available in v. 1.9.7. One of these is controlling headers and footers to the level of detail you’d like. :frowning:

I’m hoping some real Windows users or tech support people will help me out here :blush: and explain how to work around this limitation.

Thanks a bunch @silverdragon

I spent hours researching to find an answer to my question, it was driving me mad. I couldn’t find the tools in my Scrivener that were being shown in the videos or blogs I was finding. Come to find out it is because I didn’t realize which version I really had, as well as it appears some of the tips I was finding had to do with Mac and I don’t have Mac. I should have came here first!

I’m surprised that something as commonly used as page numbering isn’t a user friendly tool or option. I guess I can really only compile my work for an eBook with what I have available to me, instead of compiling it for a structure clean paperback. Although, that is a bit of bummer for the moment, I’m super grateful for you taking the time to explain it to me!

You’re welcome!

Despite the comparative wealth of compile options on the Mac, Scrivener—in any version—has never been intended to be a complete page layout solution. When I run into a limitation, my usual option is to compile to Word or to .rtf, and fire up a word processor or page layout app to deal with it. I asked My Son the Windows Scrivener User, and he said that he would compile to Word and fix the footers there.

Another option would be to compile in two sections to PDF, and stitch them together in a PDF editor. Again, I’m hoping that a Real Windows User will happen along and offer system-specific suggestions. :smiley: