New Project. Should I take the Release Candidate Plunge?

I finished my previous WIP and am about to start the next. Now that Beta has been changed to Release Candidate, is it time to take the plunge and move over? I’ve read the current RC is already better than Scrivener 1 so it’s tempting, but betas have always made me nervous. I’m very tempted but would like to hear from those in the know.

Is it worth it?

Only you will know if it’s ‘worth it’ to you.

Simply download the RC version and install to a DIFFERENT FOLDER and play around to your heart’s content.

Personally, I’m loving the dark themes and the updated saving of web pages facility (can’t remember the precise name of that capability - was available in my version 1. but never seemed to work properly).

I currently play around with both versions side-by-side over two huge monitors.

Anything to procrastinate and not get any writing done :wink:

How buggy is it at this point? I can’t work on the same project on both, can I?

It runs pretty stable for me. Some people have had issues, but I’m not one of them. The issue is that the 1.9 project format is incompatible with the 3.0 project. Once you open your project in the beta, it converts to the 3.0 format and cannot be opened by earlier versions.

I believe it’s possible to drag and drop files between the different versions of scrivener, but it’s not something I can test as I’m running the Release Candidate full time.

You can read about the bugs in that part of the forum but I haven’t found any issues pertaining to me.

You can’t save a project in the beta and open it in the earlier version - it’s not backward compatible that way but you can copy/paste or drag stuff between versions.

Honestly, download the RC and install to a different folder so it doesn’t overwrite your older version and play around/explore both until it answers your question.

It’s here just waiting for you :wink: [url]Scrivener 3.0 Beta - Release Candidate 10 (Download Links & Change List)]

Downloaded and installed. Now it’s time to play.

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, especially if you’re starting a new project in the Beta. I wouldn’t recommend dragging an existing v1.9x project over, or converting the v1.9x project, but that’s just me.

I’ve been using the Beta forever, and I really like it. I’ve got it set up the way I want it to run with all my different templates. Updates don’t disturb my toolbars. Save Options and Save Theme Options are located at the bottom left in F12 / Manage.

I still like the look of v1.9x (sorry, I can’t help it), but I’m a Beta 3 convert now.

Enjoy. All the best.