NiaD writers doing NaNoWriMo 2021!

So I created a group for NiaD writers who are also doing NaNoWriMo 2021. It’s a place for us to cheer each other up.

Reply to this thread with your username (which you can edit out afterwards :smile: ) and then I can add you to the group. This group can only accommodate up to 20 people (including myself) — first come first served!

[not so serious mode] As for the name of the group… once you’re in the group, you might be able to guess my real name… and then you read my L&L bio and you’re _____.

EDIT: A surefire way to access NaNo groups: (it’s an app, so direct group links don’t quite work)

  1. log in, go to NaNoWriMo homepage / dashboard
  2. from the menu, select Community > My Groups
  3. then you can see the writing groups you are in. Typically lists your local NaNo writing group.
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It’s Susan2706 thank you

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Yes please!

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Obviously, we need to plant a mole to retrieve this info. Someone eminently expendable, of course, since they’ll soon be ______.

Oh wait, not me, I didn’t say me!


Anyone else finding nano slow to access

Thank you @thegirlclaudia . You’re a :star:

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CallyRose - helps if I provide the info!

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No moles needed. Just a click on my profile name in NaNoWriMo would suffice to have oneself for breakfast. Oh, the crunch. And a sip of tea/coffee/… :laughing:

Are you joining NaNo 2021?

My pleasure. Kept telling myself “please lose (opposite of win) NaNo” and still won, and even after the alleged “[NaNo] support for domestic terrorism” thing by another writer, I’m still back to this writing cave/enclave… I’ve never donated to NaNo and I have no plans to do that… There has been a particular project since 10-11 years ago that I’ve not managed to finish, until I realised there was more knowledge outside the matrix I was taught to be part of. The new knowledge, I believe, will help me complete the work. It was supposed to be an unrequited-love story but morphed into something about chemical pollution…

A gifted teenaged girl who aims to get rid of romantic affection falls in love with her male supervisor, but the supervisor has a secret global agenda that would harm the girl unless she exposes the truth about him, reality and love, and she loses and makes friends along the way.

That’s the long and short of my NaNo. Originally started as a musical for a school event (I was young) and I want to expand on it before re-condensing it to my original design. I wrote a few songs but couldn’t link them up. So a few years ago I talked to someone who used to work for Shakespeare’s theatre company in the UK and he said I should already have the story ready before turning it into a musical. Time to put that advice into practice.

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It can be slow. I refreshed the group page several times myself just to make sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed!

Thanks for setting it up :blush:

You weren’t exaggerating when you said it was … slow to load!

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Yes, the pre-2019(?) NaNoWriMo website was much, much faster. As a tech person (not as skilled as @gr who has his own server), I wonder if the management opted for a DIY website builder, which comes with unneeded bells and whistles, as opposed to a professional web developer who knows exactly what to cut and yank out to make pages load faster.

Try using a different browser or Private Window / Incognito Mode to view the group page.

…still “Loading…” :rofl:I could miss the start altogether :rofl:

Still loading for me too that’s my concern😂

I can’t even find the group in search

@SheilaWrote @homeport @CallyRose I sent you all the invites. To me this new NaNo website is more of a “web app” than a conventional network of webpages. Being an app, going straight to the link is more troublesome than a series of clicks/taps.

I could open on Chromium (Chrome without Google). I’ve found there were several reasons the page doesn’t load, apart from the website itself:
need to clear “cache”,
log out then log in again,
go to > menu: Community > “My Groups”
and checking your notifications for my invitation.

No invitation :frowning:
My user name is soosin

Ah no wonder - inviting you now

Sorry about that - …:grin::blush: