NiaD writers doing NaNoWriMo 2021!

Woohooo I found the invite - thank you!

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NaNoWriMo site is a bit frustrating … maybe we should stay here (is that allowed?)


I believe it is befitting to thank @pigfender for moving this thread to its rightful place. So yes, we can certainly discuss our writing & progress here :slight_smile:

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We could! And I’m thinking of scheduling regular virtual write-ins (I’ve done so before) on YouTube as a public streaming event (hosted by me) or as a Zoom meeting (more private and we can interact). Which kind of virtual write-in do you all prefer?

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That sounds a great idea. The Zoom conceptis familiar to me. How does it work on YouTube?
Where are we all. I’m in the UK.

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Back then I used to have Twitter. I liked to ride on the NaNoWriMo hashtag and get otherwise lonely writers together. I would be the one talking into my computer and they would be interacting with me via the chat function only. A quick intro, 15 minutes of intense writing (quiet, muted) followed by maybe 5 minutes of sharing and discussion, and ask each other questions. We would do this 15+5 for three times and that would span a fruitful hour. My personal average is 500 words in every 15-minute slot.

And under these strange times YouTube has a list of stuff that can’t be uttered but, from my experience, Zoom doesn’t censor people, and mind-blowing stuff such as UFOs can be mentioned.

In UK too happy to do that I did access group and accept yes pigfender huge thank you and scrivener too for letting us have this chat group

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The NaNo site certainly needs some @gr magic - what a pile of frustrating :poop:

The cost of having bloated (too many bells and whistles) code… (details for geeks)

On a practical note - how does NaNo work? Do you compose on Scrivener (for example) and transfer word count to NaNo? Or compose on NaNo somewhere? I couldn’t obviously work it out. As others have said - finding it all a bit clunky :thinking:

Simply put, NaNoWriMo is a month-long word count aggregator.

Every day, starting 1 November, input your word count (search for “word counter”) into the field given in the home page (after you’re logged in). Then press Enter / click Save to update the daily word count. Word count is self-reported and NaNo has no responsibility checking the actual word count. The “transfer word count” was from the previous NaNo website which had a function to verify that your self-reported word count is the same as your manuscript’s.

Remember to save your original work because NaNo does not save the contents of your writing!


I’ve got procrastinationitus - I’ve been spending hours on designing the front of my book cover - been stuck on Canva - forgot I had Affinity Designer - and scrolled through every font known to man… I have, however, created a new project in Scrivener ready to start on the 1st Nov. I fear it will remain empty for a while! This is pantsing at it’s finest!


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Can a poor space pirate dolphin fancier join the group?
I’m in the UK, too… in a devolved part of it (with sheep), and as far away from the blond idiot as possible.


Pfft, who needs an outline? They take all the fun, stress and eventual ulcers, out of life.

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Please do join! I need your username in order to send out the invite for the group on the NaNo official website, but if you want to keep your involvement right here in L&L, that’s absolutely fine too.

Yes, sheep. And outlines can help a certain category of writers organise their thoughts, but it remains to be seen whether one belongs to that category of writers.

I’m awfully lousy with book cover designs so I pick a nice-looking image from my collection as my book cover.

Devolved, sheep and away from blonde idiots sounds a perfect location. Somewhere I have aspirations to be.

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Me too… but it’s good for procrastinating- if I don’t have any writing at least I’ll have a book cover :rofl:

I would love to join the write-ins! I’ll be good to join after November 7th. We’re moving to Italy the 3rd, and I have some driving to do the first few days. I’m comfortable with zoom or youtube. Whatever everyone is comfortable with works for me. I know I’m going to go a little crazy with sprints when I can fit them in those few days on the road, and would like to keep that up the whole month if I can. :sunglasses:

@SheilaWrote I’m impressed you’re even considering this and moving to Italy at the same time. Amazing! Where are you moving from?