Noob question (popups)

Is there any way to prevent this from popping up ?


Looks like a tooltip. It’s a part of the application’s help system that pops up when you mouseover an object in the UI, in this case a document in your binder. You’ll also get these popups when you mouse over things like toolbar buttons and other things.

In this case, the text in the tooltip matches either what you typed in the Synopsis view in the Inspector for that document OR, if the synopsis is blank, the text in the editor. It’s a pretty neat trick on the part of the developers to make tooltips that reveal the document content; it tends to be hard-coded in the UI’s help system.

I suppose it’s meant as a way to get a quick view of what’s in the document without having to open it in the editor. It will go away if you move your mouse away from the document.

It’s a pretty low level function within the app and isn’t normally exposed for end user configuration.

Can it be hacked off ?
Some obscure OS setting somewhere perhaps ?
It is currently driving me nuts.

I know of no OS setting that would disable tooltips within an application.

Unless you can persuade L&L to either give you a config switch or expose the API so you can write your own plugin to do this, your only option is going to be a hex editor, assuming you can find and selectively disable the code controlling the tooltips.

Anyway, here’s how to turn them off in the OS, but it’s not going to affect Scrivener.

There’s also this thread on themes. If you changed the tooltip to white text on white background with a white border (or whatever the background color of your theme happens to be), the tooltip still pops up but you’ll be unable to see it. It will, however, hide anything underneath it until you mouse away from it.

Qt6 ToolTip reference

Perhaps in a QSS-stylesheet of a Theme. I’ll have to investigate… I can look at it tomorrow at 14:30 CET at the earliest.


That would be awesome.
But don’t break your back over it.
Thanks M8 :slight_smile:

That’s the whole of my problem.
I have descriptive titles to my documents, and am trying to order them.
It is a reflex to move the mouse pointer close to the titles (as opposed to far right, for eg — like in my screenshot, where the titles are short) as I read them, and then this thing [a tooltip, yes] pops up and hides everything that is close below… :melting_face:
(It does the same in the outliner.)
. . . . . .
Btw, @Vector_Victor, I am not actually a newbie (no condescendence intended) ; I just thought my question might have an easy answer…

I know for sure you can set its opacity in a Theme. That may mitigate your problem with it.

So, a combination of two properties seems to work best.
When you only set the Opacity to zero, the tooltip wil flash when entering the Binder space.
When you also set the Text property to an empty string, the ToolTip will be minimal in size.
All other properties of the QToolTip control are irrelevant in that case.

QToolTip {
    qproperty-text: "";
    opacity: 0;

Now, this solution won’t work in the Default Windows Theme, because we cannot save that theme to file.
It can be implemented in the White Theme, which is build to resemble the Default Windows Theme.

You’ll have to unzip the .scrtheme file and add above code to the QSS file that emerges from the .scrtheme. After zipping again and renaming to .scrtheme, you can load the updated Theme from file.

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Thanks @AntoniDol, I only just now noticed your reply.

I tried downloading the white theme from this thread:

(Default Theme, White Theme)

but it contains no
2023-03-27 12_15_04-Window file.

I suppose that’s a Mac/Windows thing.
Where should I get the theme from ?

Other question:
I like the way I configured the default “theme” to my taste. Can’t I just turn that into an editable theme instead ?



Of course I’m a Mac-user, so what do I know! But have you tried downloading from the first post and changing the extension to .scrtheme?

As for not being able to modify the default theme, I would guess that’s for security; I can just imagine the support calls from people who tried modifying it, screwed it up and ended up with an unusable Scrivener! Can you duplicate it first then modify it?


There is no “export theme”…
Nor any file that I can see that I’d be tempted to duplicate…

? :

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Obviously, I can’t test what happens if you change the extension. What you have shown is what you get if you un-zip it, that I know. If you download say “Winter Faery.scrtheme” and change the extension to .zip then unzip it, it contains precisely those four files.

Therefore, I presume if you changed the extension of “” to White.scrtheme" it would then become available to load into Scrivener. It’s that latter bit that I can’t test, being on a Mac.



That worked.
. . . . . . .

I think I get it…

I reloaded my prefs file on top of the white theme, and it restored the customization I had done to the default, while keeping everything else from the new theme.

So that’s a start.

I’ll keep working on whatever it is I am currently doing, and if by tomorrow I saw no issues using the white theme, I will proceed with @AntoniDol suggested tweaks.


Maybe it would be an idea to also read it carefully. :crazy_face:

You couldn’t upload scrtheme files to the forum, until they changed that recently. That’s why it’s a zip-file.