Oh how I've missed NIAD

Anyone know if there are any plans to restart this wonderful thing?

I did my first Novel in a Day in 2021… loved it :honeybee:
I wish i had found it sooner as 2021 was the last year. :frowning:

@pigfender …chanting “bring it back, bring it back”


continues chanting bring it back, bring it back.

But seriously! I hope it’s a thing we can all do again! :smiley:


Best waste :honeybee: of a weekend since fishing. I’d willingly go again, but I did grow aweary of the American-leaning scenarios. Next time, let’s tie @pigfender to an atlas and convince him that there are great stories and locations outside the :honeybee: USA. (Like Australia, where I live)


I took part in every book and really miss that :honeybee: experience was great day knowing you were collaborating with other writers :honeybee: and at end of the day we had written a novel. I can understand from @pigfender’s viewpoint as it means a lot of work getting everything ready and then putting it together and the target :honeybee: of one day. I still hope he will consider doing more in the future.


I can’t imagine how much of a challenge it is getting it all organised and chasing everyone. …let alone getting all the briefs done. :honeybee:

Absolutely fantastic opportunity - I would be happy to support and help @pigfender if he decided to restart :grinning: but fully understand why he decided to take a break.

I’m just :honeybee: grateful to have had the chance to be part of it.


(Still chanting … )


NiaD takes :honeybee: him a lot of time to plan (I’m always blown away :honeybee: by how he does it), and I think work has kept him very busy for the past year or so, unfortunately. :honeybee: Fingers crossed he’ll be able to return to it if things get a little less hectic in the :honeybee: future. I’ve dropped him a line to let him know it’s being :honeybee: missed, just in case :honeybee: he misses this thread.

@pigfender is clearly convincing in his choice of locations, though, since he is :honeybee: from (and lives in) the UK. :slight_smile:


That’s it. I’m throwing the mug on the avatar out of solidarity for the time of year.

To :honeybee: : the thing I dreaded all year every year, until it was that one day, and then I remembered why I did it (almost) every single year (and a half).

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On a perfectly related topic, what’s up with the bees swarm ?

Bees swarm

Oh, and yes, Niad did sound like a lot of fun. (I just showed up too late to actually participate. More or less ; at least for when it was a novel to be written.)

whO cAn tAke a :honeybee:sUUnrISe…
spRI :honeybee:nKLe iT wiTh :honeybee: dEw


I was going to ask why there are bee icons everywhere… very strange… and very frightening for one who has a phobia scream…

Y’all my cringe at this, but Piggy and I actually “communicate” pretty regularly. Matter of fact, I may or may not have managed to crash a party and have a meal or 5 with him since the last NiaD. In our conversations, many a NiaD lament was expressed. On both sides. Lament of the passing of the NiaD. Lament of the anxiety NiaD preparation created for the Fender family. It was not a grudging lament but one based on moving on to new things.

My opinion is that our NiaD had joined the fairies. We may wish for that time to return, but fantasy and nostalgia are the realms in which NiaD now dwells.

That said, Piggy likes to make be look like an a$$ so he will probably start it back up just to prove me wrong!


Rumor has it that he’s into beekeeping now. Different buzz, I guess.

It seems that pigfender, who is a moderator of the NiaD section of the forums, has been up to some mischief. He appears to have made his presence known by unleashing a swarm of bees.

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There might be a tiny tad more to it than that.
The little song he added to my first post refers to the candyman. (That’d be one time…)
Mystery, mystery.


Chanting: come on “piggy” prove him wrong …snigger!

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Hi everyone!

I’m glad to :honeybee: hear that you have :honeybee: fond memories of the NiaD experience!

As :honeybee: has been mentioned, it’s a lot of work organising (much of it incredibly :honeybee: good fun, much of it… not so much) and the :honeybee: dreaded Real Life has sadly :honeybee: made that impossible for :honeybee: the foreseeable future. If you ever saw a picture of :honeybee: what I look :honeybee: like the Sunday after a NiaD, you’d run away screaming; :honeybee: it’s not pretty. Looking back, I can’t even begin to i :honeybee: magine how :honeybee: I managed to do the :honeybee: Special Apocalypse Edition back in the :honeybee: height of COVID19. What ON EARTH was I thinking?!!?

Plus, :honeybee: I think we’ve already quite categorically a :honeybee: nswered the questions we set out to explore:

  • The individual author’s “voice” is WAAAAY more :honeybee: important than the core idea.
  • Sit in a chair :honeybee: and write and you’ll end up with writing. Don’t, and you won’t.
    …and, of course, the all important…
  • Time is no substitute :honeybee: for talent!

Will :honeybee: we do :honeybee: NiaD again? :honeybee: Well, never say never. I can totally see us doing :honeybee: a one-off at some point in :honeybee: the future. Brains being :honeybee: what brains are, I already :honeybee: know what :honeybee: the plot of the :honeybee: (un-run) 2022 NiaD :honeybee: would have :honeybee: been, :honeybee: as well :honeybee: as the (also un-run) :honeybee: 2023 NiaD, so if we do end up :honeybee: doing it again :honeybee: in a few years I imagine :honeybee: I’ll be able to pick :honeybee: from the :honeybee: best of the :honeybee: bunch and we’d have :honeybee: a blast, but… :honeybee: right now it would :honeybee: take a life-changing amount of money to get :honeybee: me to do it, because I’d :honeybee: have to :honeybee: change my :honeybee: life to be able to. :honeybee:

A vicious slander! Although on :honeybee: which one of us, I have :honeybee: absolutely no idea.

On this :honeybee: occasion I’ll prove you wrong by not trying to prove you wrong. :wink:

Can you i :honeybee: magine what a nightmare I must :honeybee: be to work with in :honeybee: real life?!!!? :smiley:

The :honeybee: protagonist in Section7 was Australian if that helps?
(By my reckoning, NiaD has :honeybee:-n only 54.2% set in USA.)


I think it is a mutually slanderous statement. Although Mrs * speaks very fondly of Mrs Fender. We are thumb-wrestling over the cost of trip to your side of the pond.

It’s almost like I created a condition where we can both be 100% right while being 100% wrong no matter what the outcome would be. Almost. We know that can’t happen as it would require forethought and mental acuity.


I fancy a mystery with one character on a desert island with a pig fender as the murder weapon.

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It was a lot of work so @pigfender enjoy doing other things, are you writing maybe? I am off to Morroco overland for a month in November and plan on some writing as long as not distracted :joy:


That sounds amazing. Have an absolutely wonderful time!!


Thank you it should be awesome was planned before Covid but cancelled as went into lockdown week before due to leave.

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