old version of a book can no longer be loaded


I have a big problem. After I finished my book 95% and saved it, I can’t upload it anymore. Also the backup doesn’t seem to work anymore.
When I try to upload the book with scrivener, the following error message appears: “The project “My_Life” could not be opened. The project you want to open was created or saved with a newer version of scrivener than the one you are currently using. You must update Scrivener to open this file. …”

But I have the latest version of Scrivener on my computer. How can I restore this version?

I URGENTLY ask for help. THANK YOU.

Greetings, Dennis

Which version of Scrivener Win are you using?

Did you work on the project on the Win beta (or a Mac)?

I used the windows version (Version: - 14 Nov 2019)

Thanks for every help

The previous version expired on January 20, 2020, so today I downloaded the latest version – which is still 1.0.16, from last November 19th.

Tried to open a project and got the message the first poster quotesd: can’t load because project was created using a newer version. But when I click on CHECK FOR UPDATES, it says I have the latest version and am up to date.

Like the first poster, I just downloaded the latest verion on the website, (Version: - 14 Nov 2019) and get the message that this version is out of date, can’t open my project therefore, but CHECK FOR UPDATE#S says it’s up to date.

The previous version 2.34 of the Windows Beta expired Jan 20. The Windows beta project format is incompatible with the version 1.16, which is why you’re seeing that message.

If you want to continue using the Windows beta (newest version is 2.35), you can download it from here: [url]Scrivener 3.0 Beta - Release Candidate 10 (Download Links & Change List)]