Option for word-break

(I am a Korean user and this is a Google translated. I hope you can read this awkward English…T_T)

‘word-break’ option—.
I don’t know which vocabulary is right, but this is related to the paragraph align.
This option is difficult to explain with translated sentences(but I believe you can understand).
This is an option to ‘split by letter’ or ‘keep by word’ for the word at the end of a long sentence that exceeds the width of the paragraph.
In other words, it is a property that determines whether line breaks are based on words or characters.

In the current Scrivener I haven’t found any of these options.
Most word programs, for example MS Word, also have this option, This is especially important for Asian languages.
I hope this will be reflected in future updates.

Thank you for the report. Is this a problem solely when writing in the editor, or is it also a problem when compiling to various formats or printing the current document? (I am assume it affects text everywhere but would like to confirm.) I’m not sure what options we have at the moment with the framework we use, but I have filed this for the developers to take a look at and I hope we’ll be able to improve the text wrapping.