Our NEW three word Pirate story

[size=200]Space Pirates - Where fantasy goes sci/fi[/size]
(as suggested by the Wock-entity.)

No dishwasher had…

a harder life

than Marty McFadden

, but Marty survived

. The dishwasher didn’t.


Are you sure you shouldnt be wearing a wooly hat! Marty [i]is[/i] the dishwasher! And what dy` mean “Control freaky dog!”[/size]

Marty, oozed resilience

Has no-one heard of THE classic SF Pirate story , Sex Pirates of the Blood Asteroid? Now there’s a tale, Jim Lad, ahaaaaar! The Boulting brothers ran up a spec script in the late 50’s with Hattie Jacques and Kenneth Williams to star, along with their version of Lord of the Rings and Wagner’s Siegfried (for which stills survive, I kid you not - George Formby was to rewrite the score and even released a couple of songs on vinyl - I have one of the original record sleeves), but the projects were dropped as too expensive compared to the Carry On films (also Tolkein objected to the latter’s take on some of his songs).


Yes, fine. Three words, dud. :wink: [/size]

and dishwasher residue

. Feeling strangely alien [size=50]or Chief Pongo[/size]

among three-headed Gorgozites

(Why not bring in some ETs right away?)

he realized this

job aboard the

Post Office Starship,

would likely be


I know reading comprehension is not a strong suit for all of us, which is probably why we write, but COME ON jumping cook. We expect vic-k to blatantly disregard form but it was YOUR rule!


Sorry, bad morning. I may need to blame Jacqi and her wood shed for a few PTSD style nocturnal mind-video replays.


Treating this load of incomprehensible gobbledygook, as though it were the manifestation of a 'Bizarrely Befuddled Human Psyche’ I shall press on, using the only three word necessary to the furtherance of our little game i.e.“would likely be”.

going nowhere…fast!.

[size=85]Harrumph! With double trailing punctuation![/size]

What it needed

was a kick

from the three-legged

Space Pirate Vic-k


‘going nowhere…fast.’
Aint nowt rong wi `at, Squire, cos like, I only yused free wurds :open_mouth: [/size]

(a lovely fellah),