Our NEW three word Pirate story

cried the robot

it`s latex too


You know something, reading that…I gorranedache![/size]

tight for comfortable

[size=70]Just remember that you asked me why. Any pain suffered is due to your own insatiable curiosity. [/size]

and painfully emotional

adjustment of private

bolts. Who cares

? IIIIIII carrres baaaabby

walrus. At that

, common sense prevailed

and hilarity resumed

, albeit momentarily, unfortunately

the dark underbelly


slithered toward the

rabid Space Platypus

,toying with abstractions

and ravenous hunger.

[size=70]It looks like jacqi and vic-k are in cahoots…[/size]

it slowly consumed

Step forward counsellor, approach the bench. A word in your shell-like.
If you use these things----> [size=200].[/size] ditto–>[size=200],[/size]ditto [size=200]?[/size] ditto [size=200]![/size] youll set Jaysen off! :open_mouth: So Im afraid :no trailing punctuation (for all our sakes). Please!!

three planetoid settlements