Outliner Missing Arrows

In RC5, there’s no longer arrows to expand and collapse subdocuments in Outliner view.

Also, in dark mode, the arrows to expand/collapse in Binder are invisible when highlighted.

Hi Shaun,

I’m on RC5, and I still see Outliner expand/collapse arrows.

Theme seems to impact these things. I’m using Solarized Light.

You may want to upload a screenshot for the devs, and specify your theme.


Already mentioned with a bug tracking number here: [url][LH3617] Expandable/Collapsible Arrows on Binder Selection Disappear when selected]

Jester, I believe the OP’s first issue may be different from the one you linked to. The OP is referring to the Outliner, and (I think) the other issue is about the Binder.

He has two issues listed. The second one is about the little arrows missing in dark mode in the binder. That is the one that has a bug number attached. I haven’t been able to duplicate the other issue. Wish they were in as separate issues.

This is still occuring in RC6. It seems to happen when I “Lock in Place” the pane with the outliner. I just discovered if I unlock and switch away and switch back, it goes back to normal, so it’s not such a big problem anymore, but it seems to have something to do with binder selection.

It happened just now. I had “Draft” selected, but the pane titlebar showed “Multiple Selection”. When I unlocked and switched away and back, the arrows came back.