Outliner print - bug

As you can see as per my print settings,

I am trying to print this outliner content titles,
but I get the whole binder :

It works when the outliner displays the content of a folder, though…
Is it conditional to that? Can’t we print from a binder manual selection?

For example, here I did a search, but can’t print the result?

I turned my search result into a collection, but I still can’t use direct print…
I get the whole of the binder no matter what.

I barely ever use this myself (I rather compile), but I noticed it trying to help a fellow user get a partial of his/her outline printed.
I am pretty sure this used to work.

Thanks, this is in the list to be fixed. The print command isn’t working properly with multiple selections in the outliner (including loaded collections), only with the contents of a single container.

Fortunately there’s a pretty simple workaround in compile, by selecting the documents in the binder or outliner and compiling the current selection to print using one of the outline formats or a custom format with the same idea, title, indentation, etc.—all the settings pertaining to outlines available for the Print Current Document command are also available via compile.

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