Overwhelming praise

I installed iOS Scrivener on my iPhone and iPad Air this morning. After some initial craziness with Dropbox syncing (I didn’t try the External folder option fortunately), I must say everything is now functioning BEAUTIFULLY across those two devices and Scrivener on my MacBook Pro. Stunning!

The Dropbox “issues” for me (one user error, one not I think): the user error is simply that it is CRITICAL to remember to sync with Dropbox on one device BEFORE opening the file on another device. It’s simple really (and Scrivener tells you, but somehow I managed to not do it correctly).

The non-user error, I think, is this: I moved an existing Scrivener OS X folder into the new Dropbox Apps/Scrivener folder using Dropbox on my iPhone. That is, in Dropbox iOS I navigated to the folder (in Documents) on my MacBook Air (my entire Documents folder is synced to Dropbox using a symlink), and allowed iOS Dropbox to move (actually, I copied) the Mac OS X Scrivener file to the Scrivener Dropbox folder. When I then synced, it appears in Scrivener iOS, but upon trying to open Scrivener iOS said the file was not compatible.

I think moved the Mac OS Scrivener file on my MacBook Air to the Dropbox folder, replacing the earlier one, opened Scrivener iOS, and everything was fine. So perhaps this is a problem in the way Dropbox moves/copies files?

[Yes, I had already installed Scrivener 2.8, and converted that file.]

Let me just say: you have GOT to be KIDDING ME. This version 1.0 is INCREDIBLE. I now have a project I’m working in complete with dozens of complex diagrams (created in OmniGraffle and saved as PDFs) and video files in the Research folder, all my notes, draft writing, etc. I’m amazed at the simplicity (except for that darned Dropbox syncing, but hey, for me it was 99% user error) and yet the depth of this initial release. Everywhere I look, I see attention to detail: for example, the folder icons are some of the best I’ve seen on iOS.

AMAZING job, Keith. This is going to revolutionize my academic research and writing.

Sherman Wilcox, Ph.D.
Department of Linguistics
University of New Mexico

Many thanks for the kind words, Sherman! I really appreciate it.

As for Dropbox, that’s interesting - I’ll have to try moving projects using Dropbox on iOS, as I have to admit that’s something I’ve never thought to try. It might explain why some other users have had problems too. I’m currently putting together an in-depth Knowledge Base article on syncing to try to cover all of the problems users are having.

Thanks again!

Adding my deepest gratitude for Scrivener iOS and the hard hard work that lead up to it. It’s obviously a highly intelligent piece of craftsmanship. One that I’m looking forward to using enjoyable for years to come. A while back I bought an iPad Pro and then, with buyer’s regret, wondered why I did that. Quickly I realized it was the best writing environment I’ve ever had. And now comes Scrivener iOS to complete the kit. Ah!

Thanks korm!

As an academic (historian), I have to agree that this is going to mean great things for my writing and research on the iPad Pro. I cannot thank you enough for making this so well – I didn’t expect to see a 1.0 version looking so polished, either.

In my case, I followed the directions kindly posted by someone else in the forum, made a folder in Dropbox on my Mac, and put the manuscript file in it. BUT, I shouldn’t have done that. What I wondered at the time is whether I ought to be using the “Apps” folder, and it turned out that a dialogue in the Scrivener iOS app advised me to do that. I was kind of surprised that I had to do all of this manually.

I have had other apps link with Dropbox and create a folder for the app within the “Apps” folder for me. This is quite convenient, and I would suggest that approach. Then, you could advise folks (via a dialogue box) to move their work into that folder with Dropbox on iOS, or drag it into the folder on their Mac. Maybe this would help a little bit, especially for folks unfamiliar with how apps sync using Dropbox (some things have changed a little over the years).

That’s odd, it shouldn’t have done that. When I set up sync for the first time, I’m given the choice of where to sync (default Apps/Scrivener), and when I tap Done, create a project on the device, sync it, and a couple of seconds later the ~/Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener folder appears on the Mac along with the project I created.

Why not though? You can choose that folder when you set up sync and it is just as good as using the generic default folder?

Just left a five-star review with comments in the App Store. What an outstanding port! Well done you, Keith!

palpatine - thanks for the kind words, especially from an evil emperor! As Ioa said, you shouldn’t have had to create the folder manually - Scrivener should do that automatically if you choose the default folder.

sch - thank you very much indeed! We really appreciate all reviews. As a new app on on the iOS store, many users won’t have heard of us, so good reviews really helps us get the word out there, so we are really grateful to users who take the time to post them. (Of course, we are grateful to everyone who buys, too! :slight_smile: )

Scrivener for iOS is magnificent.

I downloaded it the moment it was available in Australia and used it most of the night in bed and on the train to work this morning.

Still getting my head around it. I honestly didn’t expect it to be as feature rich as this. Best app I’ve used on iOS to date and to have my complete novel in my pocket with structure, notes and comments preserved is so empowering!

No more Linux, not janky external folder syncing and pushing rich text through the ringer!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you, Chris, I really appreciate the kind words!

Likewise for me, a really easy installation and synching of a moderately complex PhD project. Well done, and thank you.

Hi Keith and Team,

You took an awesome product and made it even more awesome! You’ve also provided very helpful feedback.
I let two writing groups know of the launch. Everyone is thrilled! I will leave a 5 star review in the app store. :slight_smile:


120 five-star reviews already, and first place in the “New apps we love” section of the app store. :smiley:

Thanks to all at Scrivener. Downloaded here in rural Australia and everything is perfect. Congratulations!

Thank you, Scrivener! The new iOS app works perfectly with my MacBook. It will greatly enhance my work towards my PhD!


You can download in rural Australia? We’re on the NBNCo’s answer to rural Australia’s move into the 21st C, and have 1/100th of the Bandwidth we had on the old copper process! “Huge” downloads such as the 81MB to update Scrivener have to be relegated to the 1am-7am off peak period! Dropbox syncing is out as we cannot afford to have any errant background processes at play!

Good job with the IOS update tho’ sir, outstanding effort (KB, not you Richardoz!)

Well, that certainly is weird. I wonder what happened, because it is definitely a folder I had to drag from the main Dropbox area into the Apps folder. I think the general trend seems to be setting up the default automatically, and then allowing people to change folders as they wish later in the settings (as a result, leaving that Apps folder empty), the thinking probably being that it’s best not to throw multiple choices at folks in the beginning, but let them open up the app in the “recommended” fashion. Maybe I’m wrong about this. I haven’t had to do it in a while. Anyhow, as long as there is the equivalent of an “escape” button for advanced users, I think things move more smoothly this way.

Evil emperors have to write stuff as well. I don’t leave home without my light saber and my iPad Pro.

I love it.
Had some issues with the sync first, but that is due to my being chaotic and impatient.
Thank you!

Thank you!

I’ll chime in as well. I installed it yesterday morning. The biggest “problem” I had was moving all my backup files into another backup directory so syncing was faster. Other than that everything was smooth as silk. A++

I was really nice to do some editing while winding down in bed!

Thank you L&L for such an excellent product.

There are a few functions I’m looking for (but aren’t dealbreakers!), but that may be me not grokking the interface yet or it may not be in there on the initial release.

  • Total Document word count
  • Searching for *ly adverbs (yeah, I’m pretty conscious of those)

My Devices:: iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6s (regular screen, don’t use it on my iPhone, but it’s nice to know it’s there if I need it!).

edit: “Capital I”, note to self: don’t be lazy with that shift key :wink: