"Paste and Match Style" & "Paste" keyboard shortcuts

As discussed in the undermentioned topic, two years ago, the keyboard shortcuts for Paste and “Paste and Match Style” can’t be reassigned. I have no idea how many people consider this an issue, but it’s a big one for me. So, I would like to remind the devs that it exists and humbly ask if it can be resolved.

Thank you,

I doubt that anything has changed – it’s an underlying issue in the Qt libraries, and I suspect any attempts to work around it might still require some sort of fixes/change in Qt.

The issue is with hardcoded shortcuts in Qt (like Ctrl+V) that are problematic to override. The developers are aware of the issue but weren’t able to come up with a solid workaround when they investigated this earlier. It’s still on the list though, so if it it becomes possible in the future, it will be implemented.

Like Krastev, I swapped these two keyboard shortcuts and after puzzling for ages whether I had done it wrong or why they were not working finally found this post.
Until you fix this, it would be helpful to have some kind of warning in the Keyboards shortcut screen warning that it is not possible to change these shortcuts.

More importantly for me now, are there any other keyboard shortcuts that cannot be changed?

I’m trying to check on this, but the ones I know of that will always perform the default action are

  • Ctrl+V paste
  • Ctrl+C copy
  • Ctrl+A select all
  • Ctrl+X cut
  • Ctrl+Z undo
  • Ctrl+Y redo
  • Ctrl+Shift+Z redo

I agree it would be good to have a note about these in the keyboard options, so I’ll see what we can do.