Paste and Match the Style and Paste do not work properly

Paste and “Match the Style and Paste” do not work properly when using the keyboard shortcuts. They eighter always Paste and Match the Style or never do. I couldn’t find what changes the behavior of the shortcuts.

The following is an example:
Ctrl+V - pastes and matches the style
then I Ctrl+Shift+V - which also pastes and matches the style
in the next moment, both combinations begin to only Paste instead of “Match the Style and Paste.”
I don’t change anything between the events, nor do I switch to another document.

Now that we are close to the release, I want to raise the issue again about the impossibility to re-assign the shortcuts for Paste & Paste and Match Style commands.

Most often than not, I, and probably most of Scrivener’s users, would like the pasted text to have the same style as the text that’s already on the page. Having a 3 keys combination is hard on the fingers and strains my arms.

Would you, please, take another look at this problem and allow us to reassign the keys?

I’ve used to use AutoHotkey to reassign the keys, but since v.15, it stopped working as I mentioned in another thread viewtopic.php?f=57&t=64907

Thank you,

Krastev, thanks in any case for reminding about AutoHotkey – I should be using this to compensate where for reasons best known to its long past original manufacture and buried by them, it doesn’t allow some number of shortcut keys for Scrivener or indeed other programs.

Support also for your suggestion, and in a general way for it.


Sigh. And then, in the search to locate AutoHotkey, Google turned up something contemporary, just 5 hours old (!), which reminds why i didn’t and don’t think this is a good thing to use.

[ ... ey/164735/](

And yes, the actual banking malware trojan requires several foolish steps to get caught by it, and downloads its own copy of AutoHotkey to abuse. But other potentials are there…

Thus, all the more support for getting things as Krastev has nicely asked for…in any order as you judge, for that all too imaginable list…