Pasting a picture from clipboard into a scrivener text doc


using version: Version: (1463331) 64-bit - 03 Nov 2021

took a snapshot and tried pasting the pic from clipboard into a scriv text doc. It looks good i can see the picture inside the document. Then i save the doc and exit. When i reopen, the picuture is missing ie its no longer into the document.

Tried few variations. Created the text file under Research but i could not get it to work.

is this is a known bug ?


I even tried saving the clipboard content as a pic on the PC and then inserted the file into scrivener. When inserted it shows up just fine and then i save and quit scrivener. When i open the inserted picture is not there and there is no error ?

How about trying Insert > Image from file or Image Linked to File?

Is your image on a local drive or on a cloud service?

Sorry to intrude on the topic. Could you tell me where to find the difference in image imports in the user manual? In which section?

The Insert menu is described in the Windows Scrivener Manual in Chapter V Appendices and Section A4.
Working with Images, including Linked Images, is discussed in 15.6.


I have the same problem when I insert pictures via the insert menu. The picture is just gone the next time I open the project. I have the image file on my local drive.

Are you working on two computers. If so the image would have to be accessible to both like a Dropbox folder. Also is file gif, png, or jpg. Have you tried another format with same result?

This is an older thread, so I don’t know if anyone who participated in it has figured out a way around it, but this is a known bug we’ve found. We do have a reproducing case for testing with, and hopefully it can be fixed.

In the meanwhile though, we’ve discovered that resetting settings to factory default, using File ▸ Options..., and clicking the Defaults button in the lower right, then restarting the software, can cause the problem to go away. It’s unclear exactly which combination of settings causes the issue, but something in there does weird things with images. They don’t actually vanish from the file, you just can’t see them. In fact when I first opened a test project from someone, I saw all of the images they thought were missing, because I wasn’t using their settings. We had to transfer their settings to my machine in order to see the problem.

Here is the link to the thread where much of this was discussed more recently.