Pasting text across Scrivener documents results in different formatting

Sometimes, when I copy text from a Scrivener document and paste it to another, it pastes in a different format.

For example, if I were copy a “This is an example sentence.” from any document where it is in Times New Roman, 14 and paste it in any other document, sometimes, it will paste as Segoe UI 12. I checked my default formatting and it is Times New Roman 14.

Usually, when this issue arises, I can resolve it by paste and match style, but it will strip the embedded links and formatting e.g., Wikilinks, hyperlinks, and bold, which is problematic. Also, is there any option to set default paste as paste and match style?

Sounds like a bug to me.
Else, perhaps one explanation I could see is that you would have previously pasted this text from an external source. You would have then formatted the said text to the way you want it to look.
But, copy/pasting it (it or anything that would have inherited its hidden characteristics — say you typed some content starting from anywhere within the guilty extract) somewhere else would have recalled (or get messed up because of) some formatting data that you would initially have brought along with it, the very first time you would have pasted it into your project.

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I think it may the inherit characteristics. Instances in which I see this bug happening the most often is when there is foreign text (two languages) and perhaps having copied the text from another program to Scrivener first e.g,. from Notepad to Scrivener, then to another Scrivener document. I will see if I can replicate the bug consistently.

When you are pasting text from outside Scrivener, it is really helpful to Paste and Match style in the first place if you can. This clears away many bugaboos.

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