PDF Image Width Bug

Has this ever been confirmed? I can find quite a few threads going back as far as 2008 that talk about the problem but don’t get an answer.

In short, when exporting to PDF, no matter what you do, you cannot get the image width to go beyond about 3/4 of the page width. This has nothing to do with margins, unless I’m missing something?


Thanks but that just agrees with my findings. I’m just wondering has it ever been confirmed as a bug from the developers and if a workaround is known.

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I don’t know if this topic is being ignored or just misunderstood as every thread that talks about this problem never gets an answer. So to be clear, here are some screenshots of the problem. The first is how things look in Scrivener (Windows v3.1.4.0).

Each image is 50px height and width as shown. I’ve included some text to show where the margins are.

Here’s the PDF output.

As you can see, as soon as the image goes beyond ~500px width, everything begins to scale down.

The compiled PDF page size is Letter 8.5 x 11in. If I compile to paperback 6x9 then the breakpoint max width becomes around just over 300px so I guess somewhere along the lines, pdf images have a max width of roughly 75% / 80% of the page width.