Please, change the icons

Really… My only concern with Scrivener is about icons: not only the application icon, I can pass on it… I’m talking about the toolbar… the binder icon in particular… It’s so-so (don’t know the right adjective, sorry) and different in style from the others. Please, do something.

:open_mouth: Considering what this application is capable of, how cheap it is and Keith’s fervent efforts to improve and include peoples, worthwhile, suggestions; if all you have to complain about is a few, inconsequential, icons, you have little to complain about I’d say. It works. Surely that is what counts?

I was tempted to post my own topic about how much I liked the application icon for Scrivener :slight_smile:. I think it’s striking and clean.

But that’s not what you’re talking about (I just wanted to stick my oar in while I had a chance!).

But as for the binder… I think it’s a functional icon. I don’t think it’s ugly in any way - although as with anything, it could possibly be modernised. (ie, in “web 2.0” terminology… made shiny and purdy.) However, this probably wouldn’t solve the problem, since people never do agree on what they think looks good.

One way other software gives you options is to let you have icon view - small icon view, icon and text view, and text only view. Maybe that could be something that Keith could think about when he starts building features again.

And it would probably be even more helpful to say not: “it’s ugly”, but something like: “A streamlined icon would look more in keeping with some of the other icons (such as the lovely ‘full screen’ icon)”

Actually, I think maybe if it was done to look like the “edit Scrivenings” logo - ie, the perspective being from above, making the icon more rectangular. That would make it fit in with the others in terms of general geometry.


Mindplay wrote

Yes, yes, see what you mean. Dreadful, that icon. Like to replace it with a picture of one of my grandchildren. In fact, it ought to be a rotating icon, so I could put up there whichever of my grandchildren is most in favor at the moment. Or perhaps I could replace most of the icons with the little beggars – there are nine of them. And while you’re at it, Keith, why is it that Keywords is one word, and Full Screen is two? Hmmm? I also wonder about Outliner and Corkboard; oughtn’t they to be considered for duality as well? Long as I’m at it, can you explain why you have not yet incorporated a cliche catcher and a nonce-word negator? What sort of program is it that allows typographical errors? Seems simply enough a chore, simply insert a sub-routine which will read my mind (not actually, of course, just something to adapt to my alpha wave pattern), saving me the nuisance of having to type in all these pesky vowels and consonants and punctuation thingies. Damn it all, K, if you’re going to charge people money for this thing, it damn well ought to run the way WE want it, not the way YOU want it. But then, it’s all about YOU, isn’t it. Can’t even put up an aesthetically-suitable icon for the binder. The binder, mind you. I think a pair of handcuffs would be attractive. Or perhaps the stock. An iron maiden might be a tad too much, but ought not to be discarded without second thoughts.

Yes, yes. The program definitely needs a cosmetic overhaul. Put off the lexical and grammatical and physiological adjustments for 1.2 if you must, but do, do get us a new binder icon. Can’t imagine how I’ve used this thing so long with that ugly binder thing up there in the corner, glowering at me every time I try to write something. Probably the one thing which has kept me, indigent and unpublished, all these years.

Now that I think about it, I may have grounds for a lawsuit. Your blasted icon is to blame for a whole litany of my trials and tribulations.

You’ll be hearing shortly from my attorney.

Napoleon VI


I like the icons.

Ive been bitten by the fluffy skunkmunster and I fear my brain is even more addled now, than it ever was. Unfortunately Im becoming a stalker of the Skunmunster Mistress, Pink. Im in a permenant libidinously excited state. All I can contribute to this thread, is: I think Id like the binder icon to be a big pair of boobs :confused: or do I means a pair of big boobs?..I…I just cant apply my ledgendary clarity of thought, to any… :question: :open_mouth: where the hell am I

Here we (n = 2) like the icon of the application a lot.

The other ones are okay and to the point (altough I love the coRkboard and highlight ones).

As a matter of fact, you can take them away and only have text (in customize toolbar), but pay attention: that IS indeed ugly!

I love the icons.

The most important part of icons is that you don’t click on Reformat the Whole Thing Into Chinese when you meant to click on Indent This Document in the Binder.

And they perform that function admirably.

:open_mouth: Have I missed something?

** La, la la, I have my fingers in my ears, I am not a grumpy Keith, la la la… ***


I am not a graphic designer. I am, however, a one-man show.

The icons have been kindly donated, or I have managed to put them together one way or another. The Scrivener icon was kindly created by AmberV. The binder icon was kindly created by Nathalie Lussier.

You know what, though? I’m really happy with the icons. The interface of Scrivener has got lots of positive attention, too - including from interface experts at Apple, as it goes.

And I like the icons. And actually, I really like the binder icon. It looks like a binder! The icon is blue! The binder is blue! Goodness, that is almost as if it is what good icon design is all about: you know what it is does without having to read anything.

The icons are also very fitting of a modern OS X toolbar.

I suppose I could hire a graphic designer and start charging $150 for Scrivener, though…

I’m really not sure what sort of reply you expected to this post. Constructive criticism is welcomed - but “the icons are ugly, please do something!” is teetering on rude, and could very well be interpreted as “flame bait”. It’s lucky we have a very nice bunch of folk on this forum.

Please do take the time to read the forum rules and bear in mind that I am one human being who is just of capable of taking offence as the next person.


Mindplay is right, the icon doesn’t look AT ALL like a grinder. Should look like this, really …

The cockboard, too, needs some serious reworking:

That could have been a lot worse. :wink:

what a relief…

Keith, I am designer, and I don’t mind ooodling out a binder icon that looks similar to the edit scrivenings icon in my spare time. But only for the whole “geometry and symmetry” angle… And only IF you wanted to. Because if you like the icons, and the majority of us like the icons, and if the icons do their job… then it’s not something that needs fixing.

And you can’t please everyone ever - EVEN if you give away a free hamster.


Uh! :blush:

CORK!!! Corkboard!

(Damn English language!!! Tricky as hell!)

PS. FYI – I’m really blushing.

what`s wrong with loving a cockboard :confused:

Not going to answer.

You are dangerous, vic. I’ve read you in this forum. I’m afraid of my own words around you, specially when English in only my second language.


listen valente, old pal,

your 2nd English is far superior to my 1st. And anyway, at this time of the night my sting is tempered by an infusion of Jameson & Jameson(Irish & Irish).