Please load backgrounds when switching Themes

Switching Themes, momentarily backgrounds are not included. Any background from a former Theme stays visible.

Since the Editor Fixed Width background or the Composition Mode background seriously impact the effect of a Theme, updating the background is essential to the updated look of the application.

Currently the Theme’s manifest XML-file states: <preferences load=“Colors”>ThemeName.prefs</preferences>, indicating only Colors are imported. while even the saved Theme Options contains “FullScreen\Colors\BackgroundImage” as a ByteArray, and the “TextEditing\Colors\MainEditorFixedWidthBackgroundImage” as a ByteArray.

Extending the Load action in the Theme XML to the background images would make for a more impressive and more logical switching of Themes.

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Some people have specific backgrounds they use for specific reasons that are unconnected to the choice of theme. Would you envision being able to include/exclude the background on a per-theme basis, or somehow allow the user to control this?

Good question. :slightly_smiling_face:
When Users have a specific background for another reason than looks, they should be able to disable loading a Theme background.

A setting in the Options might do the trick, set of not load Theme Backgrounds by default. Choosing whether to load the Theme Background per Theme doesn’t seem to be to most practical solution.

I dunno, if you can have “use system default” as a theme background option, that would work nicely IMHO, and it’s the same way some of the project-specific settings work.

This is why…