Scrivener 3 Themes (Windows)

Mint Mocha theme using rich brown tones with green accents. Intended to invoke a steampunk aesthetic, but also works for coffee, chocolate, or nature.
Zip file includes: .scrtheme, fonts, hex & RGB codes, and suggested images for the main editor backgrounds.

Download Link


Looks very chocolaty to me, There must be ample beautiful backgrounds of chocolate to use behind the Editor and in Composition Mode…

For those who use chocolate as motivation to write.

Well done!

Papyrus Light

Papyrus Light.scrtheme (607.1 KB)


This is a gorgeous theme! However when I import it, the background images don’t show. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you!

Point Scrivener to the background image .png file included with the theme, by configuring the settings below for the Main Editor and Composition Mode:

File > Options > Appearance > Main Editor > Colors > Fixed Width Backround > Choose Texture

File > Options > Appearance > Composition Mode > Screen Background > Choose Texture



Oh, brilliant! That worked perfectly. Thank you so much, Jim!

All the best,

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boring green grey theme

GreenGrey.scrtheme (64.6 KB)


Papirus Red.scrtheme (108.6 KB)
Papirus Blue.scrtheme (108.5 KB)


Come check out my Ko-Fi theme shop! All themes are for Windows & FREE, but tips are welcome. All my publicly available themes are there, from my original DOS Terminal to a whole set of light mode rainbow colors.

Also accepting $2 custom requests. Get a personal theme tailored to your style! (Reference/inspiration image required.)


@AntoniDol, is there a repository for your themes? I’d like to browse them.

Oops, found it downthread here:



Sorry, @Zee63 … clicking the link shows “File does not exist”. Looks promising. Could you provide another links?


All my themes are in this thread, except the TropicalNight theme, you can find here.
All Themes here are free. You can get a 50% discount with the coupon in the Windows book for TropicalNight.

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Here is an updated and corrected version of SolarizedDark (again):
This one has white arrows in TreeView controls like the Binder, Outliner and Keyboard Settings.


Do read the Readme.txt file for the place to store the custom icons that come with this Theme.
Use Window > Themes > Import Theme… to place the Theme in the Themes folder and on the Custom Themes menu.
Alternatively, use Window > Themes > Load Theme from file… to place the Theme in the Themes menu until an other Theme is selected. (588.3 KB)



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Is it possible (possibly easy) to convert a theme for Mac into a them for Windows?

I’ve found one I really like (except for the interface window color in general) but it is only for Mac

I’m trying to decide if it is worth buying or if I’d be wasting my money.


No. It’s possible to re-create it. From Mac to Win it could be flawless. From Win to Mac UI-elements like MenuBar, Menus, Buttons, etc. cannot be styled.

Buying a macOS Theme for use in Windows is a waste of money, because it will not work.
Buying a Windows Theme for use in macOS won’t work either.

So, which Theme for Mac would you like to re-create for Windows?

I really like this one. I am trying to re-create it but with surrounding interface in the dark blue/green color.
I started with the Solarized Dark to try and achieve it, but I cannot get the lines in notes or the background image, etc. I did a screen grab and color dropper-ed it in Photoshop but this is as close as I’ve come.


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