Please make the Default menu-item selected when the Default Theme is selected

When the Default Theme is selected by Keyboard (Alt, W, T) the selected menu-item in the Themes sub-menu is the “Predefined Themes” grouping menu-item, not the “Default” menu-item This makes that situation one-off when selecting different Themes using a AutoHotKey-script, difficult to mitigate.

When you say Default isn’t selected, do you mean the checkbox isn’t showing up for you correctly? I’m not seeing that on my end, “Default” is definitely designated as the current theme.

If you mean the menu highlight ends up at the top of the submenu, I don’t think we can avoid that unfortunately. We don’t have a pure “menu subgroup heading” thing, so these are accomplished by inserting dud entries. So to how the software UI works, it’s still a menu entry and follows all of the rules for one—it’s just permanently disabled.

In the Default Theme, the Themes menu is selected by keyboard: Alt + w, t
Because the “Predefined Themes” item has the focus in the menu, it’s one off from when other Themes are active and selecting a Theme from the menu by keyboard.

In the Dark Mode Theme, the Default Theme is selected by keyboard: Alt + w, t
Now the Default Theme is selected and it’s not one off…

Selecting the menu with the mouse is not relevent in this case.

Any suggestions on how to mitigate this situation? Sending one {Up} , switches the selection to the bottom of the menu. Sending one {Down} only when the Default Theme is active would work, but how do I know the Default Theme is selected in my AHK script?

Sorry for the slow response. Thanks, I understand the problem better now. It could be this has to do with how the “Default” theme contains a lot more native widgets than actual themes do.

Given that, it looks like using a theme more like the defaults, but while still being a theme, is probably the best answer. That way your macro never selects the actual default, and this difference is avoided. That should in theory make menu automation more consistent anyway. There may be other issues with using Default for this same reason, if you are ever selecting commands spatially.

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