Possibility to fix broken aliases


sometimes I have some broken aliases in the research folder. This typically happens when imported as aliases on one computer, then transferring the project file onto another computer where the very same aliased file is located in a different folder. This can be the case when working on a home and a corporate computer with the same project and transferring the project file back and forth.

What I typically do then is to copy the document link in the binder, paste it into an arbitrary document in order to see which id this alias has. Then I can go into project file’s scriv package, navigate to the Docs folder and find the alias there with the respective id. Then I choose „Information“ from the file’s context menu and update the link to the correct file using the provided button in the information window.

An alternative is, of course, to delete the alias, then re-create it. But then you would loose all document comments, references, keywords, and custom metadata plus the possibly custom document title for that aliased file.

This simple change is a pretty long-winded process. I know this is not a major problem and probably only very few people have this issue, but it would be nice if there would be functionality to change the target link of an alias within Scrivener itself, just something like the button in the Finder’s information window to update the path.


Hi Torsten,

That’s a good idea. I’ve just added a “Change Alias Source…” item to the Documents menu that will do exactly this for a future version (please note that this won’t be in the next update, but it is coming).

Thanks and all the best,

Dear Keith,

great. That was really quick! Thanks for taking this into account. For me, it will be a real time-saver.