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The outline is my most important component of writing.

I definitely think in a hierarchical manner and so I make use of the many levels scrivener offers me.

I often desire to print just the outline…NOT the document. For me the document is a necessary outcome but no where near an order of magnitude in importance as compared to the outline. the real important thing in my life is the outline.

I can’t seem to find out how to Print an outline exactly as I currently have it expanded (or not) from the selected layer. ie:
layer 1
sublayer 1a
sublayer 1a1
sublayer 1a2
layer 2
sublayer 2a
sublayer 2a1
sublayer 2a2

if i selected layer 2, the printer should recognize i do not want layer 1 and print layer 2 which includes all its sublayers.

All I should have to do is hit Print Outline and have the output appear exactly as it appears in outline view from the selected layer and deeper. I should not have to use the compiler as all the information that the compiler needs from the user is already there in the outline (selection, layer depth and content of that selection and its sublayers).

Am I missing something? Is this feature already there? Please do not ask me to hit “ctrl P”. try it.
it does not do what I am asking.

well…I owe you all an apology.

I selected the outline…sent it to a pdf virtual printer…and got exactly what I wanted.

My mistake. I sent it to a physical printer and got all kinds of formating codes etc…and so
i glibly assumed nothing was working.

i was so wrong. My apologies to you all.

Hi Folks,

I am having problems, again, printing an outline view with selected expansions.

The last time I posted my problem, someone suggested that I print to a file using Microsoft Print to PDF. (File->Print Current document->Microsoft Print to PDF[plus print to file box is checked)
That solution did work. splendidly.

Currently I am having troubles printing with that approach. The outline does print, but every outline entry is expanded instead of the selected few outline entries.

Perhaps I am forgetting to do something?

I am using Scrivener and windows 10

Have you tried using the compile feature to do this?

Try selecting the “Enumerated Outline” from the Format As drop-down list. To remove all but the documents you want to compile from your output, go to the Contents pane of the compile window and ALT-click on one of the “Include” checkboxes; that should un-check all the include checkboxes.

Then find the first folder/document you want in your outline, and scroll to the last one you want, SHIFT-click on that document/folder’s title; they should all be highlighted in blue now. Alt-click on one of the check-boxes of the highlighted documents and all of them should now be “included”.

Select “Compile: Included” from the drop-down list in the lower right area of the window and compile for preview. If that’s what you want, then compile again for print. If it’s not, then come back and explain how it deviated from what you were after–hopefully, it’s an easy tweak.

Jumping in on this thread with same question, and I’ve gotten stuck on “contents pane of the compile window.” I select Format/as/enumerated outline, but am not seeing a contents pane, or any checkbox options. Should I be looking elsewhere? Many thanks…printing of outline & binder outline very important to me, also.

If your compile window is fairly small, With but 2 drop-down lists and 3-4 buttons, then try clicking on the blue arrow (it’s to the right of the Format As: drop-down list). That expands you into the full compile window, which has several window ‘panes’, listed on the left.

Printing the outline through Compile is great, but it still falls short for me. What I am wanting is to be able to print the outliner screen including my Meta columns. Even if we could just get the title, label and status I would be jumping up and down happy.

For me this all about the revisions stage. I want a list of the sections I am 100% happy with, sections I still want to work on etc.

Am I alone in this?

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Try Beta 40, and the Outlines tab under File > Print Settings. Excellent timing on the request, as there was a showstopper bug in outline printing until this very release.

Cheers - Jerome

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