Problem with importing websites after update Mac OS Mojave 10.14.4

Hi there, today I was prompted to update my Mac OS to 10.14.4. One of these periodical intermediate updates. After everything worked again I fired up Scrivener 3 to prepare some webpages for one of my sites. I imported an existing webpage into the research folder as an example. I then discovered that instead of displaying the webpage, as it normally does, Scrivener displayed the following message on the page: “Failed to load web archive”.

Now I checked this in another Scrivener project with a number of web-pages in the research folder, and they all came up with the same message. So updating MacOS to the latest version apparently created a problem with displaying webpages.

Has anyone in this good forum experienced the same problem? If so, did you solve it? Is it a Mac issue, or a new compatibility problem? Any Scrivener people around to shed some light on this.

It would be very nice to know if there is a solution.


Unfortunately there is no solution for this at the moment - 10.4.4 introduce a bug whereby web archives won’t load using the standard method that Scrivener is using (this is a bug in macOS 10.4.4). I have found a workaround, however, which will be implemented in the next free update of Scrivener 3.

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Thanks for the quick reply Keith. The topic has been discussed in the FB Scrivener user group too. So if people query the forum or search in Facebook they will discover that you are aware of this issue caused by external circumstances and will address it.


Eelco (Submarin)

Glad to know you’re on it. I just ran into this today.

Thanks Keith—looking forward to this workaround.

While I think of it, it would be great if Scrivener could employ some kind of cookie system to save us having to permanently squash those interminable pop-ups which plague the internet these days.

I know Scrivener shouldn’t really have to work as a fully-fledged browser, but it would improve our lives quite a lot if we only have to squash the blighters once!

Thanks for reading.


I’ve just come across this problem myself and am now regretting having updated to Mac OS 10.14.4.

Keith, do you have any estimate for when the next Scrivener update will be? If it’s beyond the end of April, I’ll give up on web archives for my current project and start importing them as pdfs.

Thanks - and thanks, as ever, for Scrivener itself


Thanks, Keith! Hopefully you will roll out your workaround soon. Regards.

Thanks for the heads up! Urgently second this one! :slight_smile:

Just want to add my support for this issue.

I understand that this was not your ‘fault’, and I am so glad to hear you are working on it.

Unfortunately, this has killed >30% of the content in my notebooks, so I am desperate for the fix.

Glad to know it was the Apple update at fault and more importantly, delighted to know I don’t have to go through all my saved ‘links’ to try to find them again. Some being quite obscure.

Looking forward to hearing about the workaround…


We should have the fix out for this soon. I was away for two weeks in mid April so was unable to release the fix, and now Ioa is away for a few days and we have some urgent web store issues to address. Once Ioa is back and those issues are in hand, we’ll get the update out. Thanks for your patience.

All the best,

Ok, Keith, thanks a lot, we’ll be patient “for a few days” more… Regards, maracuja

Hi, Keith! This seems like a pretty major functionality to leave broken for such a long time. Any update as to when your paying customers will once again be able to properly use the product we’ve purchased from you?

Have you contacted Apple to ask when they’re going to fix the Mac OS bug that is the root cause of the problem?

To load an existing web archive in the interim, choose the Navigate → Open → In External Editor command.


Have I contacted a third party to figure out why your product, which I paid for, isn’t working?

No. No, I have not. I believe what you’ve just described would be your job. Not mine.

What a rich lesson in customer service. Informing your paying customers that it’s on them to figure out why your product isn’t working as advertised is the polar opposite of a good look.

I’m excited to learn when I’ll be able to use the full functionality of the product I purchased from you once again.

Again, the issue is due to a bug in Apple’s code. We’re actually the “third party” here, in that code we do not control is damaging the user experience of our customers.

In any case, as noted, the Open in External Editor functionality is the best workaround.


Thank you Katherine, that works just fine.
For the other impatient ones, use the URL at the bottom of your Scrivener screen to access the website. It’s not as easy or clean, but it works.
Programmers are people too and Scrivener is just an overall awesome program.

Hi, I’m applying for jobs and all my web archives have not been viewable for 4-5 weeks. I also use DevonThink - their archives do work on Mojave, but that doesn’t help me really. I followed the forum thread, but am surprised the update isn’t here yet. I tried to write an applescript to export PDF from safari to Scrivener but couldn’t find much functionality in the AppleScript dictionary for Scrivener.

When will there be a fix. I feel this is core functionality missing. Please ship the workaround.

Bug reported to Apple radar: 50554908

Kind regards, Ian Grant

Again, you can view your archives by opening them in Safari. Navigate -> Open -> In External Editor


I think we understand, at this point, that there is a workaround.

The real question, which remains unanswered, is when we’ll have an update as to when you’ll be restoring the full functionality of the thing we paid for.