Problems with Dot Jots

I’m having a lot of inconsistent issues with default dot jots. If I make a list and return to it, or write some notes in an increased indent and then shift+tab my way back out one level, I’m getting issues where the indent is all over the place – no longer matches the previous levels, sometimes shift+tabbing moves the dotjots further across rather than out, text distance from the dots become inconsistent – all in the default document style in Scrivener3. Not sure what causes it.

An example of what this looks like:

I’m just using the normal dot jot formatting (from clicking ‘List’ button in the default Scrivener3 when you make a new empty document) and have no idea what causes it to break later on down the line.

Reformatting these lists is a huge pain because I can’t seem to find a way to fix it without just having to tear the list down and re-indent everything manually (only for it to break again, later on)

Hi Visulth,

Yeah, bulleted lists in Scrivener v3 are buggy. There have been a number of reports similar to yours in the last few months, for instance this one. Do a forum search with “bullets” or “list” for other reports, perhaps there will be something in one of them that gives you a workaround.

Scrivener utilizes a third-party application development framework called QT, and it is this QT framework that does a lot of the heavy lifting for portions of the app. I’m just a customer and this is just speculation on my part, but I suspect QT doesn’t handle list formatting very well, and that is why the dev team just can’t seem to get it working right. Bulleted lists in Scriv v1 weren’t great either.

There may be workarounds, so it’s probably worthwhile for you to search the forums. For my part, I’ve stopped using bulleted lists in Scrivener–too distracting and too much trouble–but as a writer of fiction, they’re not really an important feature for me.


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