Product Activation Required

I just downloaded and installed Scrivener 1.0. It works fine, but after entering my serial key the ‘Product Activation Required’ window keeps popping up. Now, I did read the contents of this window, so I understand there might be some problems with registration on the eSellerate servers. It also says that “it shouldn’t stop Scrivener from functioning in the future” but the window pops up every time I add a keyword, add a Document Note, change some options, etcetera, which makes it very frustrating for me to write. :frowning:

Is this a problem with Scrivener or the eSellerate server and is there a fix for this?

Thanks for your help.

Please help – I’m having the exact same problem!
Thanks in advance,
Katydid NL


Eek, that shouldn’t be happening. I’ve emailed Lee so that we can get this sorted quickly. Sincere apologies for the inconvenience. (I assume you aren’t connected to the internet - I tested and it activates fine, but this problem does occur if you can’t connect for some reason.)


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Hi Keith,
Thanks for the quick response! I am connected to the internet. :frowning: Have also attempted to re-copy both name and serial number from the email, and that didn’t help either. Shutting down and restarting – also no help.
It’s a bummer – I was so excited to have my shiny new “real” copy of Scrivener, after months in Beta! :slight_smile:
Oh well, hoping it can be resolved soon.

Are you running a firewall on your computer? That might be blocking the transmission. You could try turning it off briefly, let it go through, and then turn it back on. If you are behind a corporate firewall or proxy then yeah, the fix will be what you have to wait for. It’s still pretty early out in Australia, but this should be fixed soon.

Meanwhile; use the NaNo version.

Hi! I’ve been using the Windows Beta of Scrivener for months now and love it. :smiley: I bought the full version and installed it today.

My problem is I never connect the netbook I write on to the Internet. I don’t have antivirus and so I’d really rather not connect it just to activate my product. Any way around this?


Thanks Amber. I’ll double-check the firewall situation. It’s worth looking into. :slight_smile: And if that doesn’t help, I’ll hope the fix comes out soon! (I’ll just deal with the pop-ups – uninstalling and reinstalling will cut even more into my word count tonight…:wink: )
Take care,

OK I have the same issue - I’m computer literate and this is my home setup - no issues with Internet access, firewalls etc etc. Using a new install of Win7 as well so the OS

It appears that Scrivener can’t connect to the remote server to authenticate.

I have the same problem! Disabling the firewall doesn’t help. I’m running Windows 7 (64bit).

A few users have reported this. Just to let you know that Lee is working on this right now, so we hope to have this resolved within 24 hours. Our sincere apologies that this got through.

Thanks for reporting this.

I have found the issue and am in the processes of fixing this.

I will provide an update (1.0.1) as soon as possible.

There were two bugs that have been addressed:

  1. Multiple activation prompts - this fix ensures activation is only prompted for on Scrivener start-up.
  2. Error message boxes were not being displayed for failed activations with or without an internet connection.

You can now download update 1.0.1 that fixes these issues. To do so, go to the Help menu in Scrivener and select ‘Check for Updates…’
A new version will be detected. Simply follow the prompts to download and install. The update is 9MB in size.

I have also updated the full install package that is downloaded from the web site to prevent this bug spreading further.

check for update.png


Thanks for the quick fix! I will download & try again as soon as I’m at my laptop.

Eek. Thanks for the quick fix. Sadly enough I am unable to download the update as I am unable to access the Internet at this point (hoping to have this sorted soon - am switching ISPs). I will update Scrivener as soon as I can, but in the meantime, I’m still having the issue with this product activation window popping up. This may be a slightly unusual question, but is there a way to disable this window without needing to update? If there isn’t: is it possible to ‘downgrade’ from Scrivener 1.0 to the NaNoWriMo beta? I still have that one saved on my hard drive. Would installing 1.0 and installing the beta work (without breaking anything)?

Thank you!

Yes, you can safely switch back to the NaNo trial until you’re able to grab the update. Sorry for the Catch-22 there! Once you’re reading to go back to the 1.0 version, it’ll be best to uninstall the NaNo trial again and then either install the 1.0 copy you have and use Help > Check for Updates as soon as you’re in or just download the full 1.0.1 installer directly from the site (clear your browser cache first so you’re sure to get the 1.0.1 download instead of getting fed back the 1.0 version you already downloaded).

All right, the upload went swiftly and all appears to be well. Thanks again for the quick response on that.

I am still getting the error message when I start Scrivener though. I will be very pleased not to have it pop up while I’m writing but I’d love to have it taken care of once and for all. Any ideas?

Are you getting a more informative error at this point? The main fixes in this probably won’t fix any networking issues that you were experiencing before—in other words if you had constant pop-ups in 1.0.0, x.1 won’t fix the root problem, but should open up a logic tree with better feedback on what is happening, and of course it shouldn’t be badgering you non-stop.

The error message is : “Couldn’t open eSellerate eWebClient.dll in Resource file.”
My internet connection is fine, and I’ve set the firewall to let this go through, but I think this error suggests that whatever’s going wrong is going wrong before it even tries to send any information…of course, that’s just a guess. Thanks for any help anyone can give…much appreciated!

I’m sending you a file, Katrina. Let me know if that helps.

I must confess I’m disappointed with the activation process and its failure. I’ve experienced the same issues, and emailed support. Haven’t got a reply so far.

I have downloaded the v1.0.1 version, and installed that. It’s happy with my serial number, but the activation process sends info to the internet for several minutes, then reports error 0xE0A0001.

Perhaps you need to implement some form of manual activation? Scrivener generates a code for the machine, we email that, you email back the response, and that is entered into scrivener? Such a key would be local to a machine, so people couldn’t just pass it around.

I’m the guy who used GIT hub to transfer files from one machine to another. I activated scrivener successfully on my work machine, but not on any of my home machines.

David Noakes (erehwon)