Program crashe after when a table is copied[ADDITIONAL INFO]


I found another problem with Scrivener 1.6 BETA for Windows. When I try to copy a table from Word 2007 to Scrivener 1.6 it crashes every time.

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Please can you post the table in the Word file so I can try and duplicate this error?

My scenario was similar, but a little different…

I pasted the table from the attached .doc file into a text file in the resource section. I did not get a crash on the paste, but saving, closing, and reopening, only one of the cells retained the text.

After doing this a couple of times, I pasted the table, hit the return key a few times above it, then clicked the button on the toolbar to create a table. I then began to copy and paste from one table to another. On the second paste, Scrivener completely crashed with the old send data to Microsoft dialog.
BeatSheet_expanded.doc (53.5 KB)

By the way, I am on the current beta, 0.2.0, running Windows XP sp2, Office 2010.