Projects / Library view

I’d like to have a view that would let me browse between projects, a library view of sorts.

One of the things I’ve liked about MacJournal is the ability to keep all my writing “open” whenever I have the app open, all organized on the left side like scrivenings are. This creates the effect of having no barrier between me and everything I’ve written. Scrivener has that dynamic within a story but not across all my stories. Using the Finder to double-click, launch, close, save, etc. creates a significant enough barrier for me (could only be for me, but I imagine the same is true for other people) to not look through different stories and continue them.

So what I’ve been doing so far with Scrivener is keeping all of the stories I’m working on open in different windows every time I launch it. This allows me to sink into whichever story I’m in the mood for but it also is getting increasingly messy as I add more stories to Scriv. So I’d like an uber-view to bridge the gap.

Whether that happens through a separate Library window or it’s what lies behind each Project window doesn’t matter as much to me as being able to both switch between stories effortlessly and isolate the display to just show one story at a time. I don’t want to lose the ability to open stories in separate windows but I don’t want that to be the only way Scrivener works.

This isn’t really practical, since .scriv files are just files on your computer and they can be stored anywhere. To have something like this, Scrivener would have to search your hard disk for all .scriv files, but you can already do that with Spotlight (or using File > Find All Projects in Spotlight via Scrivener), and this isn’t standard Mac behaviour for this sort of program.

Alternatively, you could just keep all of your writing in one project.

Or, you could create a Smart Folder in the Finder that shows you all of your .scriv files.

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If you save a smart folder for this (Kind:Scrivener Project), you can add that to your dock or desktop as well for easy access and adjust the folder’s display to use large icons or such to feel more like an iOS-style “Library View”. Depending on the icon style you use, you can even get a mini preview this way, but you also can use Quick Look to glance through projects when you’re trying to decide what to open.

Thank you both for your kind workarounds. I have actually considered each of them previous to writing my wish item and they don’t quite deliver the experience I’m after.

Putting everything in one project comes the closest but since I’ve started iOS syncing through PlainText, I think that would become a mess right away on those devices.

Maybe something like a master project list? Rather than containing all the writing, you could keep just a list of, and links to, all your separate projects, as well as potentially keeping just the beginning bits and pieces of ideas here until they’re grown enough to merit their own projects.