Question about fonts setting

I noticed that always, the fonts are very small in all my default settings documents. I need to cranck it up till 150 % to make it easy readable. Is this normal? Shouldn’t 100 % already enough?


Well, different people prefer different font sizes, no doubt about that. Any number of factors from hyperopia to age to simple preference can make one desire a different working font. I’ve even seen someone writing in massive 48pt olive green on black. I myself always work at 100% with the default font, but I’m sure there are many that use a boosted zoom all of the time, and perhaps even some who work with less.

You might consider changing the default font in preferences. Keep in mind that with Scrivener, the font you work with is not necessarily the font you’ll be printing/exporting with. The Compile Draft feature has the ability to override the entire manuscript to a preferred font. You can write in Zapf Dingbats and send out Courier in the end. Also, changing that preference only impacts future documents. See the FAQ (section II.6) for more information.

System Screen Resolution can play a big role as well. I also like turning ON the ZOOM access in the Universal Access System PReference. (That way you can “zoom in or out” while you work giving you both the benefit of having a lot of screen real estate (high resolution small text) and readability (zoom in to a size that is comfortable on your eyes)

I would try the Universal Access since this will control things system wide and benefit you in more applications you use than just a preference solely used in Scrivener.

Hope that helps