Question Marks in TOC when compiling + chapters on the header


  1. In the binder, I have several folders (representing chapters) and within those other folders (representing subsections) and within those several written pieces (the various write ups for each subsection).

I successfully created a TOC, but when I compile, the pages listed for the folders (respresenting where the chapters and subsections start) is: ??
i.e. 2 question marks.

Any ideas how to fix that?

  1. I would like to have the name of the chapter (and even better, the name of the subsection with it) on the header of each page. Any helpful suggestions?

Thank you!

Hello Quantum, and welcome to the forum.

Your note was posted as an iOS post, but I have a feeling you’re working on a Mac and not an iPad or iPhone. Is that correct?

When you created the current version of your Table of Contents, were you following the steps outlined in Chapter 22 of the Scrivener manual?

Knowing that could help determine if the missing page numbers are a flaw in that method or perhaps some missing code if you constructed the ToC another way.

As for getting the chapter and subsection names to show in the ToC, are your folders in your Binder given those names? Or, did you enter the titles as header text on each document?

In this screenshot, I have a generic, multi-part project. The view I’m showing in that screenshot is the Outliner, which I used to select just how many levels of folders and documents are shown.

When I selected all of that material and used Scrivener’s Edit > Copy Special > Copy Documents as ToC and then pasted it into the ToC document in my Front Matter folder, I got the results below.

That’s the ToC method outlined in the manual, and it should allow your ToC to just show top-level documents or to dig down into the sub-document levels depending on which views you select in the Outliner view.

Does that help you get the data in your ToC that you’d like?

You may also find this existing thread to be helpful.

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Hello RuthS,

Thank you very much for your response. Yes, I’m using a Mac. When I compile, it seems that the question mark issue occurs depending on what style I select. For example, if I select ‘Modern’, I don’t encounter the issue. That’s why I decided to stick with it for the time being. Yes, I did create the TOC the way you mentioned.

Yes, I have my sections as well as subsections arranged into folders exactly like in the picture you attached. However, I did not manually enter the titles. Instead, in the body of each of the text files there is a title, and that’s the title scrivener automatically assigns each of the text files in each subsection. The titles in the text files are not header texts, just part of the body of the file and are located on the first line of each text file.

Thank again!

Thanks a lot AmberV!

I have created a ToC, and when I export to .rtf, the hierarchy of the sections is fine, but it only shows question marks for pages.

After reading 22.2.2 in the manual (p554), I have tried printing the document as a .pdf, as they say that “some word processors will require you to regenerate the page numbers tokens by running a test print preview once; they will appear as question marks until you have done so.”

The numbers do not show in the exported pdf, and still do not show in the .docx.

I suppose I must be missing something, but I don’t know what…

You need to run your test print in your word processor after opening the RTF, not in Scrivener, because it is the word processor that needs to establish the page numbers in th ToC. Because of many factors in the page-layout process, different woed processors may make different page-breaks.



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Thank you Mark

… and thank you @AmberV for the link to the other thread.
All I had to do was tick “include in RTF bookmark” everywhere. It works fine now :slight_smile:

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