TOC page number problem with Paper (APA) Template

Hi All,

After compiling a draft based on the Paper (APA) template into Word, the Word doc’s TOC exists, but all the page numbers are question marks.

I’m following the right procedures, at least generally, because I can get a numbered TOC to appear properly when compiling a draft based on the Blank template.

To remove one potentially confounding variable: with the APA draft, Ive also tried using a very simple Binder hierarchy, i.e. exactly the same as that which worked without problem for a draft based on the Blank template. Same result as before.

In the Compile Settings window, Ive tried assigning the Binder items to each of the possible categories of Section Types available in the APA Template. That make no difference either.

Any ideas?



The first thing to try is, in Word, go to File > Print and then cancel the print. Sometimes Word shows question marks for page numbers if it hasn’t worked them out yet, and invoking Print, even without printing, forces it to work out and populate the page numbers.

If that doesn’t work, then it must be that Scrivener could not resolve the page numbers when exporting for some reason, in which case it would help if we could see the project. If it’s a sample project you don’t mind anyone seeing, then please zip it up and attach it to your reply; otherwise please zip it up and email it to us at AT


Thanks Keith,

I had tried the Print/Cancel idea previously, and had read all the relevant parts of the manual, which I should have mentioned. But no luck.

When I compile a draft from a Blank template, the numbers show up automatically.

Ive attached two sample Paper (APA) projects, one with a highly simplified hierarchy (APA Simple), and one (APA Full) that has not been edited, apart from adding a file for the pasted in TOC.



APA (171 KB)
APA Simple (76.4 KB)

I have the same problem: the TOC populates in Scrivener, but only question marks when I compile for Word.

Did a closer review of the OP’s files suggest a fix? Thanks for any thoughts!

Word and RTF table of contents work using bookmarks, so for a table of contents to work, the documents it point to must have Word bookmarks associated with them. Because the APA template was not designed to work with a ToC, no bookmarks are associated with the documents in it. You can fix this as follows:

  1. In Compile, Ctrl-click on “APA Format” in the Formats list and select “Edit Format”.

  2. Select the first section layout in the “Section Layouts” list.

  3. Switch to the “Settings” tab beneath the list of section layouts.

  4. Ensure “RTF” or “DOCX” is selected as the file format above the list on the left.

  5. Tick “Include in RTF bookmarks” in the settings area.

  6. Select each section layout in the list and tick “Include in RTF bookmarks”.

  7. Click “Save”.

I have updated the APA format for the next update to include RTF bookmarks for all section layouts in case users want to add a ToC.

All the best,

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Thanks - that’s very helpful!

Hi Keith
I have the same problem as above, question marks showing for TOC page numbers following a compile for Paper Template to .docx and .rtf. It works fine for PDF.
I followed your instructions above for RTF bookmarks. It doesn’t have the option for DOCX.
Is there any other solutions you have to fix the issue please?
I have tried File/Print and Cancel.
I’m using version 3.2.3 (14869) for Mac.

In Word, just click to Print the document … but you don’t have to print it. Just exit the dialog.

Thanks for your suggestion drmajorbob, but I’m using Mac Pages and exiting the Print dialog doesn’t work on that unfortunately.

UPDATE: printing a few pages doesn’t work.

Does printing work, maybe just printing one page?

Try this, I suppose (substitute Pages for Word in the post):

ToC page numbers

We can do a Zoom session, if you like:

one on one assistance

Printing a few pages from Word does not work, but LibreOffice automatically updates the page numbers when you open it. Then you can save or save as, and the numbers are there.

I’m abandoning Word!

This didn’t work either, but thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile:

I think I’ll do this, Stylise the headings in Pages and just generate the TOC in Pages. A bit more work, but less work than messing around in Scrivner :slight_smile:
Thanks so much for all your help and suggestions.

Did you try LibreOffice?

You’re a genius drmajorbob :slight_smile: That did the trick. Thank you so much!!

Wonderful! This was crystal clear. Works perfectly now :wink: