Question on Beta Expiration

Whenever I start up Beta 10, I get a message about it expiring December 15. Is:

  • there a plan to have a new Beta before then that will extend it?
  • the full release going to be published before that deadline?
  • the export to Scrivener 2 format planned to be implemented by that date?

Hi MrAndyPuppy,

As the deadline of every beta release approaches, there is always someone on the forum who asks this question, and the answer is always “yes”. :smiley:

No. Somewhere or other L&L mentioned that, but I don’t recall where. If L&L released a major paid upgrade right before the holidays, they wouldn’t get to have holidays. :blush:

Good question. It’s possible it’ll be in the next beta, although apparently it was one of the very last features implemented in Mac v3 beta. The thing is, L&L rarely give hints about new beta features, so you’ll/we’ll probably have to wait until 12/15 to find out. :mrgreen:


Having not been tuned into these forums over multiple betas, the question remains for me – what happens on or before Dec 15 beta expiration? Will I lose function (i.e. expires)? Will L&L provide a new download? What a shame that L&L doesn’t consider its users might be clueless about what’s next? Did I make a mistake using the beta?

Shortly before the deadline (anywhere from a couple of days to a few hours), there will be a new update on the main announcement post here: viewtopic.php?f=57&t=40621

You may also be able to use the Help->Check for Updates menu before the expiration, but you’ll need to be prepared to download directly from that post if it doesn’t work in conjunction with the expiration. But there is a non-zero chance that it’ll be late, since there is no way to delay that expiration. If that makes you uncomfortable, I wouldn’t recommend continuing your participation in testing this unfinished software.

While I do believe they could add text to the beta expiration pop-up, or at least to the above forum post, beta testing requires a certain amount of comfort with risk, including a temporary lack of usability.

At this late stage, I doubt they’ll be doing that; I think the whole point of the export from the Mac version was to make it easier to use v3 for Mac while sharing your projects with Windows v1. And once they do release v3 for Windows, I don’t see them maintaining that export option on the Mac side.

The export to Scrivener 2 format also helps Mac users who use older hardware that can’t run High Sierra and therefore can’t run Mac Scrivener 3.


Is the implication then that exporting to the format prior to the v3.0 format will be an on-going, supported feature in the Mac version after v3 for Windows comes out? By extension, does that also mean that export to “version 2 for Mac/v1 for Windows” will also come to Windows v3 for use by dual-platform users who have old Macs?

I have no information one way or the other about the future of the export to version 2 command. I’m just pointing out that it is useful for Mac-only users as well as cross-platform users.


Edit to add: Since the Scrivener 2 format isn’t going to change and the Scrivener 3 format won’t for quite some time, there isn’t really any reason to remove the feature once it exists.

So far, they’ve published the successor Beta on or before every expiration date. The announcement at the top of the forum ([url]Scrivener 3.0 Beta - Release Candidate 10 (Download Links & Change List)]) will be updated with the new link.

If you’re worried about losing your work, open the Beta and ver 1.9.x at the same time, and copy (Select All, Drag and drop) your entire Binder from the Beta to 1.9 in a new project. Save the 1.9.x copy as a backup.

And if, for some reason, you can’t get the new Beta release to work, and you forgot to make a backup into a format 1.9.x can read or import, reset your Windows date to December 14 and don’t allow it to update from the internet until you’ve made a backup.

Personally, I don’t worry about it. As I mentioned, they’ve beaten every deadline with the released Beta versions.

And Beta 11 is already available for download!


Four days early! SWEEEEET!

Guys where can I find beta 11? I tried updating via the app but it says its up to date. I’m using beta 10 for Windows.

EDIT: Silly me. I found it.