Quicksilver Integration?

This may not be a core thing, but I absolutely love Quicksilver. I use it with kGTD and OmniOutlinerPro to organise my to do lists and actions and so on, and I would love to use it for something similar e.g. send to scrivener/append to scrivener document.

I know we have services, but I love the idea of a QS plugin so that I can hit my hot key, type out an idea and then send it to scrivener corkboard for processing/further writing later. This way I can do stuff without leaving my current application.

(and I LOVE Scrivener. After nearly a year of putting off my thesis, I finally started getting down to the nitty gritty with it after buying scrivener. Unfortunately I can’t afford Mellel and Bookends now :frowning: )

This would have to be a “future” consideration, I’m afraid. If you mention it again in a few months when everything has settled down and I start thinking about the post-1.0 featureset, then I will have time to consider it properly.
Thanks and all the best,

Absolutely :slight_smile: I would look into creating a plugin maself, but I’m no coder and this isn’t an open source project.

Thanks again for making Scrivener available in the first place! The fullscreen mode is…just…perfect

You don’t need a Quicksilver plug-in to do this. You simply have to install the Services Menu Module. Once you have it installed, invoke Quicksilver, type your text, hit Tab, and then choose one of the Scrivener Services: Append Selection to Current Text Document or Create New Clipping from
Selection. The former will send what you’ve typed to the end of whatever text document is active in Scrivener; the latter will create a clipping, with the date and time as its title and your text as the text. At your leisure, you can then drag this clipping into your document where you want it, and change the title as you desire.

You can do the same thing with text you’ve selected in other applications. Just select the text, hit CMD-ESC to put it into Quicksilver, then Tab to the Scrivener service you want to use. Just a couple of keystrokes and it’s done.

That’s an excellent tip! It’s quite depressing how little of quicksilver’s functionality I actually use on a regular basis. Maybe this’ll prompt me to use it more…

I too love Quicksilver but the Services menu functions that I use frequently I simply create a keyboard shortcut. Go to System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse > Keyboard Shortcuts. Press the + button to add a new one and give it a unique key combination for the command you typically use, or make one for each option.

This requires memorizing more commands than using Quicksilver but saves a couple of steps.

Menu Master from Unsanity allows you to assign, and reassign, key shortcuts.

Also, the free utility Service Scrubber, lets you re-assign short cuts to services easily. As a bonus, you can also clean up that services menu while you are at it. I know I never used mine at all until I found this application because I had a hundred services in there I never used, and it was an unruly tangle; dozens of independent developers with their own ideas of organisation controlling one menu! Argh.

Agreed…Service Scrubber is a great tool. It’s one of those little utilities that does one thing you really didn’t know you wanted to do until you did it. :wink:

I know about the services, but I use Firefox (so they don’t work) and I’m addicted to Quicksilver. I do near everything - I append text to text files, I control itunes, I save files, email files, IM people, send files by IM, jot down my GTD tasks.

So, QS is an integrel part of my work flow, especially when browsing etc etc. It couldn’t hurt to have QS plugin, and expose the beauty of Scrivener to the QS crowd, many of whom read the popular 43folders and tuaw blog. Any time an App comes out a nifty QS feature the productivity crowd goes NUTS over it.

I’ll check out the hot key ‘send to scrivener’ anyways, obviously. I already have Scrivener opened via a Quicksilver action assigned to a hot key.

Get the Services Menu plugin for Quicksilver. It turns all your services into QS actions. It will change your life. :slight_smile:


I have it ^^ but it really doesn’t seem to be working. I never get the clippings or the ‘text’ showing up in Scrivener. I think I need to experiment a little more.

Okay, it was working, it was just going to the wrong most recent document :unamused: Other than that it worked great.

The only thing is that I don’t seem to be able to apply the action directly to the selected text, I have to copy, invoke QS, invoke text mode, paste, then pick the scrivener action.

Anyway to to simply grab the selection straight into QS? There is, but it doesn’t work in firefox


I have too many tools in firefox to be able to give it up for Camino or Safari :frowning:

There doesn’t seem to be… this seems to be because Firefox doesn’t support services in general.

On the other hand, the copy-QS-text-paste sequence can all be done with the keyboard, so it shouldn’t be that onerous.


Why use Firefox on a Mac? Camino! Camino! (The Camino people should be paying me. :slight_smile: )

Since you’re the only one recommending it, they can’t afford to.

Boo! Hiss! What on earth have you got against Camino? Mozilla-based, true Cocoa (thus it supports Services, unlike Firefox), and it’s damned pretty, too.

More form without function. Firefox Pwns Camino! (Welcome to World Of Warcraft forum!)


The only thing I really have against Camino is its lack of Firefox extension support. The only two browsers outside of Firefox that I’ve spent any amount of time in is Opera and Camino. Opera is an amazing browser, but again, I miss my extensions.

Yeah, it’s the extensions. I’m switching now, to see how my work flow goes, but I keep looking for tools that I don’t have any more :frowning:

alleria.com/?q=blog/caerydd/ … ng_machine

All those just for starters >>