Quotation Marks Keep Changing

Scrivener must have a mind of it’s own. I find that it arbatriarly changes quotation marks from ” to ". The same is true of apostrophes randomly changing from ‘ to '. I never done anything to alter the settings. How did I prevent this from happening?

There must be some kind of sequence of steps that causes this result. If you can manage to pin down what it takes see an already printed typographic quote flip to a different character, then documenting what steps it takes to see it happen would be ideal.

Easily fixed by using Ctrl+Q.
You haven’t pressed Ctrl+Shift+Q for some or other reason? That would change smart quotes to straight quotes, including apostrophes.


I experienced something similar a while back, see this (unresolved) thread. AFAICT it was nothing to do with Ctrl-Q/Ctrl-Shift-Q.

(If I had to guess, it would be a very low level “race condition”… fingers flying the 1st time and the quote character can’t be replaced before the next key press arrives; second time with backspace being much slower there is time for the replacement to happen. Do you ever type fast?)

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Watch out for third party apps like Grammarly that uses straight quotes when fiddling with a whole sentence.

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Thanks for the responses and help. I appreciate it.

Is the problem still occurring?

Or did Ctrl+Q solve it (either permanently, or do you use that whenever it happens)?

This is a great tip, thank you! I came here to look for answers to the same problem and ctrl+Q has sorted it all out :slight_smile:

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