Randomly Disappearing Text[FIXED]

Having imported text from my notepad I find that randomly large blocks of it are disappearing. The only way to get them back is to backspace from below the block until you get it all back.

Even with saving once I have the text back, it keeps happening.

A similar thing happens to me. I’m using Vista and Beta1, and text disappears from the text view, but is there when I expand the screen to full view.

The same thing is happening to me! I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but I’ve noticed that my previous chapters had less than 3,000 words in them. But Chapter 4 has 3,300 (if the text would stop disappearing :slight_smile:)? I can see the text when I look at the entire draft together, but once I go to look at Chapter 4 by itself, the text on the bottom is gone again.

For now, I think I’m just going to create a new text and see if it stops…

I’m having the same problem, but so far, can’t seem to tie it to anything. It’s only happened in a longer scene (3400 words in one folder). Sometimes all of the text shows, and sometimes it doesn’t, regardless of whether I’m using a full screen.

I’ve had this problem noted in another thread. Are you guys using the 1.3 beta? I haven’t had it happen since updating to the newest version (available from one of the announcement threads). In the interim, selecting view>show invisibles brings back all missing text, but you have to do it every time you open the document - it gets lost again when switching between documents.


EDIT: Actually, the thread with the 1.3 download links doesn’t seem to be there anymore. Perhaps there’s a fresh download at the scrivener for windows site? Someone else will know the answer to this question I’m sure :wink:

I have not had any text disappear since the upgrade to 1.3 and it used to happen to me a bit. First, if your text has disappeared, in order to make it reappear you can go to Edit-> Show Invisibles and it will re appear, and stay even after you turn off the the Invisibles.

To update your Beta, you haven’t already, go to THIS THREAD. There is a download attached in there to update. It fixes this but (as far as I can tell).