Really vexing and perplexing: smart quotes are the opposite of smart 😵‍💫

I asked about this back in Oct, but no response at all. So am I the only one who has this problem of Scrivener (MacOS) always choosing the wrong first “smart” quote (like ”this” instead of “that”)? I see a few others mentioning it. I should note: (1) this has been a problem for a LONG time, (2) only Scrivener has this problem for me, (3) it happens no matter what font I use, and (4) System Settings <…> “Smart Quotes and Dashes” — the click-path has changed — is set correctly. This is Scrivener 3.3.6 under Sonoma 14.2.1, but I’ve seen this problems across lots of versions of both. If anyone has any ideas, I’d be VERY grateful. Thanks!

There are some known issues with smart quotes in certain situations, but it’s not true that they “always” choose the incorrect opening quote. I was using quotes fairly extensively just the other day, and the behavior was as expected.

You’re welcome to submit a support ticket if you’d like to dig into the specifics of why you’re seeing wrong behavior, but it’s definitely not a universal bug. Contact Us | Literature and Latte

IOW, it’s a known bug, but we should focus on the fact that it doesn’t ”always” happen and isn’t ”universal.” Thanks! :+1:t3:

Uh, no.

“There is a known bug, but that bug does not match the circumstances you describe and therefore is probably not responsible for the behavior you are seeing. But we’d be happy to help you figure out what is causing the behavior you are seeing, because it’s definitely not normal or expected.”

That sounds great. If you tell me what circumstances I need to describe, I’ll happily do so. I emailed L&L support with links to my two posts on the subject, and — pardon me if I’m being slow here — I can’t quite suss what your relationship to L&L support is.

Hi tb2thee. Those of us with a shield next to our forum handles are forum moderators and L&L employees. Most of us are also a part of the tech-support staff, so we’ll be the folks who see and respond to any tickets submitted to the help queue.

Good to know — thanks for the quick and clear reply. I’d really love to get this sorted, because (like one other person who noted it years ago, a lawyer), it kinda throws sand in the writing process.

Salt, perhaps, never sand.