Smart quotes aren't very smart (’/’ and ”/” rather than ‘/’ “/”)

Scrivener regularly inserts the wrong smart/curly quote marks (for example, ’example’ or ”example”). In close to forty years of using Macs, I’ve never seen another application make this mistake more or less systematically — and I see this issue with Scrivener goes back several years. What’s the deal? Has there been any progress on this? If it’s some obscure software conflict on my side I’d be delighted to fix it, but digging through the archives hasn’t turned up anything like that.

I’m currently using 3.3.6 (16305) under Sonoma 14.0 (23A344) on a Macbook Air (2022, I think?), but given how “venerable” — or should I say ”venerable”? — this bug is, I doubt those details are revelant.