Removing old beta without removing current released version

I am running both Scrivener (released) and the latest beta. I installed the beta into “C:\Program Files\Scrivener3”, while the release version is in “…\Scrivener”.
I believe I read here that before installing a new beta, the old beta needs to be un-installed. I have noticed that there are two distinct icons for the and the beta, so I won’t be confused as to which one I am un-installing. In the Windows 7 start menu, I have one Scrivener folder with 3 icons. One is the release ( version, and the other two (one for the program, the other for un-install) are the beta icons. There are also two un-install icons in the Programs and Features app in Control Panel.
So I’m concerned that un-installing the beta might destroy my release install as well.
Is this going to be a problem?
If so, I suppose I can manually delete the beta folder and using my registry tool I can remove all entries for the beta by searching for “scrivener3”; the name of the folder where the beta is installed. This might not remove all of the beta entries from the registry, but should be good enough to allow the new beta to install.

What do you think?


You don’t need to uninstall the old beta. Just install the new beta in the same folder. In your case Scrivener3…

OK. Thanks!

That’s not what the release notes say:

(The 32-bit version installs by default to C:\Program Files (x86)\Scrivener on administrator accounts; the 64-bit version installs to C:\Program Files\Scrivener. Please be sure to uninstall previous betas before installing Beta 3.)

From Scrivener 3.0 Beta - Release Candidate 10 (Download Links & Change List)

I have never uninstalled the old versions and never had a problem. My experience is that whenever I try to uninstall the previous version, I always end up with a mess.


I’m not saying you’re going to have a problem. I’m just saying that the official advice is to remove the old beta before installing the new beta.

I was having issues too until I made sure:

  1. I installed the current production version of Scrivener first.
  2. I installed the current beta version next
  3. I uninstalled the current beta version first
  4. I uninstalled the current production version last, if for some reason I needed to

Basically, a LIFO queue. The installer has no clue it can be co-existing with the beta, so it will clobber stuff if it gets run after the beta or uninstalled before the beta – in my experience. And if memory serves, the first release of the beta wasn’t terribly good about being installed side-by-side either – that’s gotten better since.

A few lines of code in any version could make this very simple. Just make one version aware of future (or past) versions. How difficult can that be?